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Maria the Dressmaker 100% Recycled Cotton Masks for Residents

In response to the coronavirus crisis and to keep my mom, Maria The Dressmaker, busy and engaged, I’ve asked her to put her skills to work to make these 100% cotton re-cycled cotton and rubber band masks.   They are contoured to the face and nose, from a pattern, and carefully hemmed at the perimeter.

I’m paying Maria $5/mask to construct these,  and I’d like to make them available to anyone in the neighborhood who needs one. A suggested contribution of $5 per mask, but the Crosstown Foundation for the Arts Inc. will cover the cost for anyone who needs it. 

Folks may pick these up outside my studio at North Square after arranging by email to do so:, 2 max per customer.

33 Replies to “Maria the Dressmaker 100% Recycled Cotton Masks for Residents

  1. This is so lovely, thank you! Maria, this is Tara… I reconnected with you in the dog park on Thursday. I will reach out via email for 2 masks. Many thanks!

  2. MARIA~~ my favorite and also the best dressmaker*~~who made both my daughters’ First Holy Communion dresses. I would like to order two “designer masks” in gray.
    Thank you,

    *next to my mother whose name was also Maria and had a shop on Hanover St. in the day

  3. What a wonderful thing to do. Maria must be a special person. My mom’s name was Maria. Be well.

  4. Hi Maria, nice to hear about this terrific gesture you are doing !!! I know you remember me—-Janet Gilardi, Maria, I would like to order 2 masks for me—-and I would also like to order 2 masks for my Son Anthony and his wife, Christina who live in California—-they have no supplies at all during this crisis. I would send these masks to them if I am allowed to buy 4 altogether. Thank You, My e-mail address is

    1. Hi Maria, this is Janet Gilardi—would you agree to my situation ?? Could you please let me know if you can do that for me—and if you got my order at all ?? Also please inform me how and when we can exchange our transaction ? Thank You Maria !

  5. Hi Maria you use to make shirts for me in the 80s when I worked at villa Francesca. I would like to order 2 mask. Thank you.

  6. Zelma Lacey house, an asststed living in Charlestown is asking people to make masks for their residents. Not sure if they are asking for donations or paying and they may have their own specifications as an elder care facility. If interested their # is 617-241-0328.

  7. We will respond to emails ( when masks are available, in the order that they are received; ONLY WHEN we can fulfill your request, will you will receive an email back, obviously, that may not be today!

    thanks, Maria and Sandro

  8. I would like to order two, one for my husband and one for me.
    If at all possible, if allowed, I’d like to order two for my sister.
    Thanks so much.

  9. update: 4.6.2020

    What a wonderful outpouring of humanity, what an incredible neighborhood! So many of you have paid extra so that others may have masks, what a wonderful stroke of humanity and generosity!

    We’ve ordered some needed elastic material and will continue this effort for as long as necessary, so be patient if you have not yet received a reply (, we shall get to you in due time.

    Alas, there is only one Maria!

    thanks, from the bottom of our hearts, Maria and Sandro

  10. My nephew would like to order 2 in grey—-he does not have an e-mail address—so I will help him.

  11. I sent this story to the Boston Globe. Hope they do something with it. This is a very noble gesture. Maria was always cheerful and welcoming when visiting her shop1
    A first class Lady!!

  12. Maria, I would like to order two, preferably a solid color.
    Thank you.
    and with much appreciation.

  13. BELLA Maria always a great lady and still is, what a wonderful thing you are doing. Love you as always my friend Maria Bova – Be safe and may God Bless you and those wonderful Hands!!!!

  14. Maria: My wife and I are in our seventies and are in vulnerable medical conditions. We’ve tried to get 2 masks without success. We would like to order 2 masks for us. Thank you Joe and Katie Kelly


    Maria will get to requests in due time in the order that they were received.

  16. UPDATE 4.15.2020
    We are beginning on orders placed on 4.11 – 4.15.2020 email to and when your order is ready, you will receive an email like this:
    Dear _______,
    An envelope with your name on it and your (2) masks is pinned to my door.
    If you can afford to, place payment in the envelope and slide it beneath my door.
    Please confirm receipt.
    Be well!

  17. A donation in the amount of $1,200 from someone who wishes to remain anonymous – who is financially unaffected by the shutdown and wishes to give back to the community – means the next 250 masks can be distributed free of charge!
    write to to request your (2) masks- you will receive a response when your order is filled, be patient as we are a few days behind.
    be safe and well and thanks! Maria and Sandro

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