North End Dog Parks Reopen May 26

RUFF North End has announced that the Prince Street Dog Park at the Gassy (DeFilippo Flights area) and the Richmond Street Dog Run will reopen as of Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

Prince St. Dog Park Spring opening in April 2018.

The parks have been closed since April 16 when, in cooperation with the City of Boston, RUFF closed the dog parks due to individuals not following the city’s guidelines to protect against the COVID-19 pandemic.

RUFF has been working with the City Parks Department to better understand what the new state mandated guidelines means for RUFF and the two dog parks. The new guidelines are hung on the entry gates and within the park. Please be sure to read before you enter. Below, you’ll find the new state guidelines and what it means for you.

The park has been closed for almost eight weeks, and we’ve all been quarantined, which means our dogs may have some trouble readjusting to socializing. RUFF recommends you pay close attention to your dogs body language during this adjustment time.

For new dog owners, and our old-timers, here is an article for bringing your dog to the dog park.

Friendly Dog Park Reminders

Curb the barking. Now, more than ever, we need to be sensitive to our neighbors who are working from home.  If your dog is consistently barking, please remove them from the park.

All dogs need to be licensed with the city to visit the park. Animal Control will be making random drop in visits to ensure the new guidelines are being adhered to and that dogs are licensed.

Dogs/puppies need to be up to date on all vaccines. For puppies, that usually by 17 weeks of age. For new puppies, please remember to use the upper level only to start socializing your pup.

Hours of operation: Prince Street Dog Park: 6am – 9pm, Richmond Street Dog Run: open 24/7.

Back to the Park Photos & Videos

RUFF wants to see your pup going back to the park! Tag us in your Instagram (@ruffnorthend) or Facebook (@RUFFNorthEndDogGroup) posts, or email/DM us your photos or videos of your pup back in the park so we can add it to a little project we’re working on. Reminder, your account must be public for us to see what you tag us in!

5 Replies to “North End Dog Parks Reopen May 26

    1. The barking and the poop they leave everywhere you mean is obnoxious, people not picking it up after another at times. Social distancing is necessary espically for their owners. Animals are even getting the virus. It mentioned that people weren’t listening previously to the guidelines before April.

  1. The sooner they open, the better.
    The number of dog excrement bags left in the gutters, on curbs, literally, everywhere, plus the piles left uncleaned, (one directly in front of the gate of the children’s playground on North Street), how ignorant.

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