RUFF Petitions For Dog Park on Greenway’s Parcel 12

R.U.F.F., Responsible Urbanites for Fido, have started a petition to support their efforts for a pilot dog park on Parcel 12 of the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway.

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Dear Members of the North End/Waterfront Community,

RUFF invites you to sign this letter of support for a dog park on Parcel 12 of the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

It is no secret that city-dwelling dog owners struggle to find spaces for their four-legged friends to run off-leash. With crowded sidewalks and the only fenced in area being very small our canine citizens are lacking a safe place to exercise and play. Nestled between Atlantic Ave. and Surface Street is a patch of land that can provide a location where responsible dog owners can bring their pets to interact, exercise and play. This compact urban area is perfectly located to the North End, Waterfront, West End, Seaport and Downtown.

This park would be a part of the sprawling Greenway Parks system. The Greenway was built to showcase creative green space within the city – we are proposing to add an imaginative, functional dog park to be a part of this impressive, useful parks community. Well maintained and responsibly used dog parks bring benefit and added value to any neighborhood.

Thank you in advance for your time,