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Dog Park and Run Closed After 311 Complaints

In cooperation with the City of Boston, RUFF North End has announced that the Prince Street Dog Park at the Gassy (DeFilippo Flights area) and the Richmond Street Dog Run will be closed starting on Wednesday April 16th.

“Over the past few days, numerous 311 tickets were submitted and we received emails about our guidelines not being followed,” said RUFF leaders in an email to the community. Previous communications from RUFF encouraged social distancing of 6 feet, limited dogs in each section of the park and all humans to have masks or face coverings.

RUFF’s Board of Directors said the group will follow the City’s guidelines and reopen the park when the playgrounds and courts reopen.

13 Replies to “Dog Park and Run Closed After 311 Complaints

  1. Unfortunately, both large grassy areas at Christopher Columbus park had become de facto off-leash dog parks before the official off-leash parks were shut down. I fear it will be even worse now. The last thing we need is one of those off-leash dogs sending someone to the emergency room with a bite during this crisis.

    Seems like we need more space for dogs now, not less. We’re all fighting over the scraps of open space left over from all the roads/parking and the construction at Puopolo. Could we convert Sargent’s Wharf into a giant temporary dog park? What about the Foster Street Playground?

  2. The CC park has been an unauthorized unleashed dog park for years. Your right Adam , Im surprised no one has been bitten. I’ve seen dogs ( mostly large breeds) running amok over people having their lunch there or getting some sun , plus there’s a kids play area there. As usual it’s the same problem : NO enforcement whatsoever!

  3. CC Park IS a de fecto dog park…let’s face it. Seems like none of the dog owners know how to read the “No Dogs” sign at the park. On top of that, people actually sit on the grass there! Disgusting.

    RUFF has done such a great job opening the Prince St park and also has another option on Richmond. Hopefully they open soon but….it really does show that there are a ton of dog owners who just don’t care what the signs say.

    1. On warm day I see people laying on the lawn and wonder if they some sort olfactory issues. It’s a wonder there isn’t more desease around.

  4. What’s really sad is that responsible dog owners that follow the rules have to pay the price for the many irresponsible dog owners in the neighborhood

  5. Hi Adam. You realize that Puopolo Park NEVER permitted dogs on the field but dog owners took it upon themselves to unleash their dogs and have them relieve themselves where children play?

  6. Who are these people 311 ing on their neighbors? If the pooch people appprove of their distancing, then let them have their park.

  7. Hi Krystal, I’m not sure I get the point to your comment. Are you saying that if the pooch ppl are ok with their distance then they should be allowed to meet as they wish? If that is correct, why should they get to decide that? I believe the complaints were about ppl not following the 6 ft rule etc…. about social distancing. You know? The rules that ALL of us have to follow!

  8. You’d think that this would be the last folk that needs disapline. After all, if they get corona virus, who is going to walk the dog?

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