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Doggie Grinch Takes Down Holiday Decorations on Richmond Street

To the North End / Waterfront community,

We were most disheartened to learn that some Grinch had ripped down and taken the holiday decorations from our small Richmond Street dog run. This past weekend members of RUFF decorated the dog run with green garland and red ribbons.

We love this neighborhood and in our desire to give back we thought beautifying and adding some cheer to our small piece would be fitting as the neighborhood looks so festive this time of year. We are a small group with limited funds and this incident was very discouraging.

As you can see in this photo, Jake, is looking at the lonely ribbon left behind where our holiday wreath once hung. Members have gone over to the park to restring the garland that was ripped to the ground this morning.

We take pride in Richmond Street and in the North End. We are saddened that some Grinch stole our wreath and tore down the decorations we added. We ask you to keep an eye on our park and keep this Grinch from further damage.

RUFF – Responsible Urbanites for Fido

5 Replies to “Doggie Grinch Takes Down Holiday Decorations on Richmond Street

  1. RUFF,

    I am very saddened to hear about this…

    Please don’t let this incident discourage you from carrying on with your wonderful contributions to our neighborhood.

    -David Marx-
    NEWNC Public Safety Chairman

  2. Ruff, You have been so consistent in your hard work to keep the dogs in their proper place, and to keep the neighborhood clean. I’ve not seen such attention given to this effort.
    Sorry about the grinch (creep) who stole a part of your Christmas.

  3. Its just a shame that some people have no respect & I have another word for this “Grinch” that I wont use here.Ruff should know that their efforts & hard work are greatly appreciated.

  4. When you do good deeds that touch many people – you’re also going to be exposed to the bad part of our society. They are in every neighborhood, including ours. The people that feel power from taking away and tearing down vs. giving generously and building up. But that’s not where good people like RUFF get their strength. As a community let’s keep an eye out for this bad part of society (they should not get away with what they do) but let’s also overpower them with MORE generous giving and MORE building up. I will stop by this weekend to add some decorations of my own. Go RUFF!!!!

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