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Monday’s Brief: Restaurants Hoping to Expand Outdoors When Reopening, NEWNC & NEWRA Meeting with Elected Officials

Today is Monday, May 11 and even by Boston’s standards, life on Boston’s sidewalks has gotten quite frosty lately—low and behold the once Boston drivers have now become the Boston walkers, read more on The Boston Globe.

Here’s what else you need to know for today…

7:00PM NEWNC & NEWRA Virtual Community Mtg. Join your community and elected officials Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, Sen. Joe Boncore, and Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards for an update on the issues that matter most: legislative initiatives, reopening plans, available state and local resources, unemployment, CARES Act, and housing, rent and mortgage concerns. Please email your questions in advance to: newra.board@gmail.com or newncboston@gmail.com, see additional details here.

Notable News:

Restaurants Hope To Expand Outside After Coronavirus Shutdown

As restaurants look toward reopening plans, some owners are thinking of expanding outside given likely capacity limits to come. Frank DePasquale, owner of several restaurants including Bricco, is hoping to utilize a portion of Hanover Street if there are limits in place, read more on CBS Boston.

Feels Like Spring:


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Tuesday, May 12

NEMPAC Faculty Interview & “Meet the Orchestra” Reading with Valerie Osbo. Join Educational Programs Director, Allie Meek-Carufel on IGTV as she interviews Good Shepherd School and voice/piano instructor Valerie Osborn. After the interview, Valerie will be reading from the children’s book Meet the Orchestra, introducing different musical instruments using animals with even a special music playlist to go along with it!

5:30PM Public Hearing on Implementing Changes for Safe Street. The Boston City Council will hold a hearing on implementing changes for safe streets during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, see additional details here.

6:30PM Canceled: FOCCP Monthly Meeting at Mariner’s House. This meeting has been canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Wednesday, May 13

7:00PM Old North Digital Speaker Series: Jared Hardesty – Brief History of Slavery in England. In virtual talk, historian Jared Ross Hardesty will discuss his newest book Black Lives, Native Lands, White Worlds: A History of Slavery in New England by focusing on the individual stories of enslaved people in New England, bringing their experiences to life. Afterward, stay online to be the first to hear new updates on Hardesty’s ongoing research into the seventeenth-century slave trading and smuggling ring centered at Old North, see additional details here.

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16 Replies to “Monday’s Brief: Restaurants Hoping to Expand Outdoors When Reopening, NEWNC & NEWRA Meeting with Elected Officials

  1. Perhaps this coronavirus time is the perfect opportunity to block cars altogether from Hanover Street (except for an emergency vehicle or delivery truck lane). Doing so would give all the restaurants the opportunity to put tables into the street with adequate distance between then for virus safety purposes. This would work nicely during the warm weather months coming up and enable restaurant owners and workers to both serve the public and get back to business. Newbury Street has done this successfully on some Sundays, but let’s try it for a while. Can this idea be followed up?

    1. Not a chance. People need to stop comparing Newbury St. to Hanover St people live here and parking is scarce now. Closing Hanover St. would eliminate dozens of parking spots.All the cons of this “idea” have already been addressed here.

  2. Closing Hanover street is a great idea, however the city will have to provide adequate parking for lost parking spots. Residents have incredibly hard time finding parking as it is.

  3. Not surprise who is trying to lead this march towards dining on Hanover St. Absolutely no benefit offered to residents. We do not need to invite more tourism and foot traffic than we already have. I fear connected pockets will push this through- Kinda like when the new Feast was added and closed down our streets for another weekend in September. Or the winter we had so much snow, bulldozers were hired to clear Hanover St but wheelchairs and strollers couldn’t move a block from all the snow on sidewalks. What have you done for us lately? (Ever?)

    1. I watched an interview with Frank DePasquale on Channel 5 a few days ago. Now I don’t know this man & am not plugging any of his restaurants. But the guy knows the restaurant business. He said that he sees 4 out of every 10 restaurants in the NE having to close up due to the COVID – 19 virus.

      1. Michael D Frank is a great guy my old man knows him like many others I think I can say that it’s him that has the bigger caution with the economy right now there hope he doesn’t get too caught up. I always wished he kept IlPanino Express! Miss that fresh pizza smell.

      2. Blame it on Covid-19, but there was a lot of turnover already. It seems that one closes another opens up. I realize that they want to add space, due to their lost income, but once given, it will be hard to take away. The restaurants are so close together, the social distance thing will be hard. But the big fear is that people might not be returning to restaurants right away. Heard some recent polls, one number polled 80% saying they might stay away for while. These are horrible numbers and restaurants might not want to shutdown their takeout business right away.

  4. Did anyone ever think we have too many restaurants to begin with?

    I have not seen a rat since this whole virus started.

    1. I’ve said there are too many restaurants several times.The rats would love people dining on the streets & sidewalks.Another thing I’ve noticed is since the virus caused the City to shut down all the bars the fights & assaults in downtown Boston ,North Station and Faneuil Hall have been greatly reduced.

      1. Oh really? You figured out that there are less fights and assaults in downtown Boston now that there is a stay home order and all business is shut down? YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!

        I’m against the closing of Hanover street but bars and restaraunts don’t cause fights and assaults. People do.

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