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Opera From the Balcony in Boston’s North End [Video]

Taking a cue from when they sang opera from balconies during the COVID-19 quarantine in Italy, the North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) joined with Tresca to bring opera from Ray Bourque’s Table 77 balcony in Boston’s North End.

Performing on Sunday, Mother’s Day, were soprano Carina DiGianfilippo who sings internationally and tenor Fran Rogers who frequently sings the national anthem for both the Patriots and the Celtics. On Saturday, performing were Wes Hunter and mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Kinder, both of whom will be starring in NEMPAC’s Pop-Up Opera of The Barber of Seville in the streets of the North End this June.

“Tresca wanted to sponsor this to lift spirits, lighten the mood and celebrate Mother’s Day weekend while still social distancing,” said co-owner Bill Galatis who attended with Chef Rich Ansara on Mother’s Day. “We need more positive stories.” The event was not publicized so as not to encourage a large gathering, but rather have the music reach those passing by in the street and out for a quick trip. 

8 Replies to “Opera From the Balcony in Boston’s North End [Video]

  1. We hope the music brought smiles to many faces and uplifted spirits this weekend. Thank you, Tresca, for supporting this wonderful program. NEMPAC looks forward to continuing it next weekend!

  2. Hats off to NEMPAC for a wonderful idea and to help brighten up Mother’s Day! Thanks to Bill Galatis and Tresca for hosting and sponsoring such a great treat for the neighborhood!

  3. What time will this happen again tomorrow ??
    So, let me understand—you prefer NOT TO HAVE PEOPLE COME onto Hanover Street IN PERSON ?? Just to watch and listen on their computers ??

  4. Great distraction. Walking to CVS and boom I hear opera that sounded like it was on top of me and then I realized it was . Stepped back and recorded it for a minute then decided to just enjoy it . It was a moment to meditate and realize that there are many good things not just Covid 19 misery . So let’s remember those good things . We will get back to enjoy them and actual appreciate many things that we took for granted .

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