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NEW Health is More Than Just Health Care

A previous fresh produce delivery to Harvard- Kent School

NEW Health is open for emergency visits in all departments. We are asking all patients with flu-like symptoms or any other issue to call their provider and we will decide if you need an in person or virtual visit. If you have an existing scheduled visit and we have not yet called you, please contact us to reschedule or set up a virtual visit.

Since September 2016, NEW Health has been addressing the issue of food insecurity for children in the Charlestown and North End communities. Due to lack of convenient access and/or ability to afford healthy nutritious food, many people are unable to provide their families with a balanced diet. Monthly, NEW Health raises the money through staff fundraisers to deliver 60 bags of fresh produce to the Harvard-Kent School and 20 bags to the Elliot School.

Due to the emergency orders to cease physical classes many children are left without their main, and in some instances, only source of meals. NEW Health is currently working with Traci Walker-Griffith and Jason Gallagher, Principals from Elliot and Harvard-Kent Schools, to provide students and their families with gift cards to local grocery stores. These gift cards will allow families to purchase the fresh produce essential to their healthy diets.

Given the difficult circumstances and lack of school meals NEW Health will be increasing the frequency of our food insecurity donations to at least twice a month. We would like to invite the surrounding community to support our fight against food insecurity. With your donations you’d be helping provide the much-needed nutrition to children who otherwise wouldn’t receive it.

If you would like to support NEW Health’s efforts to ease the burden of food insecurity for children, please contact Luisa Siniscalchi by phone at 857-238-1176 or by email at

NEW Health recognizes the burden local restaurants are facing with the inability to stay open. In support of local restaurants, we are buying staff lunches to most of the restaurants offering take out. If you would like to participate in food take-out, please contact Luisa Siniscalchi at the above number.

Lastly, Ted Tomasone and Jim Luisi, Co-Chairs of the North End Christmas Fund Luncheon Committee are taking requests for those struggliing with paying bills and buying food. Requests are being taken case by case since funds are limited. Please contact Jim Luisi at for more information.

We are all in this together and together we will survive and come out stronger. God bless us all.