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Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: DeFilippo Garden

Spring has sprung and it won’t be long before the tulips will be blooming at the neighborhood gardens! At least that will help brighten up our social distancing walks.

*Rotating pieces! SELECT each piece first, then rotate it to the proper orientation. (With Touch: TAP on the piece and select right or left; With Mouse: CLICK on the piece first to select it, then right-click to rotate).
Move and drag the pieces around just like a regular jigsaw puzzle. When two pieces are connected, they will click together. If you are “missing” a piece, move the other pieces aside to look behind them.
Helpful guides can be found in the lower left icons.
Challenge yourself to solve the puzzle in the shortest amount of time!

Why rotating? If you think about it, rotating puzzles are most like physical jigsaw puzzles!

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