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Massimino’s Pickup Dinner Orders at Lunch Prices!

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Call 617-523-5959.
All pickup orders at Massimino’s Cucina Italiana for dinner will be at lunch prices!

That is a 50% savings to all!
Thank you for your business from all of us at Massimino’s on Endicott Street in the North End.

We are at 207 Endicott Street in Boston’s North End.
Call us today at 617-523-5959.

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10 Replies to “Massimino’s Pickup Dinner Orders at Lunch Prices!

  1. It’s a good deal but people on a fixed income Social Security can’t afford to order take out a couple of times a day plus there not going to receive a penny from the ” stimulus package” Plus if their alone and can’t get to a supermarket there in trouble añd need help.Nice to see the generosity of some NE residents offering help.👍

    1. Not sure that is true about Social Security. I asked that question of Senator Markey’s office in D.C. The woman I spoke to thought that people on Social Security would be eligible but promised to call when she had definitive information. If you have access to a computer or know someone who will do it for you, Peapod is still delivering, so is Roche Bros, Star Market uses instatcart. Contact Rep Michlewitz . in a post on FaceBook he said his office would help seniors who need groceries or medication picked up.

      1. There will be one time checks for SS recipients. The IRS is handling the payments, so you need to have filed a return either this year or last. If the your total adjusted income is less than $75k you are eligible for $1200. Those in the 75-99. Gap get $800. Over that get nothing.

          1. Probably a moot point by now. You would be eligible, but I’m not sure of the process. One way, WSJ suggested filing a return for this year, even though you end up not paying or receiving a return.

            1. Turbo tax has a portal that takes you to the IRS site where you just punch in your name , SS number and address.If you have direct deposit or want the check you..They tell you immediately if your eligible.The IRS has a site called “where’s my payment” which tracks your check.Pretty simple actually unlike the misery some folks are having receiving their unenploymént checks.

              1. The unemployment system was never built for anything of this magnitude. Normal recessions happen like dominos falling. Plus, made worse by the government changing the qualification rules making it more difficult to determine who is eligible and who isn’t. By extending the tax season to July, this gave the IRS breathing room to get the uniform distributions done, even with their antiquated systems.

  2. From what I was told re: SS is that you have to have filed a tax return or your not eligible. Like everything else there’s all kinds of misinformation on everything. A friend tried Peapod and that the website said sold out for days. I’m OK with getting food but I know that a lot of seniors particularly seniors of Italian descent are too proud to ask for help.

  3. It is a great deal. Massiminos has excellent food.
    Both my husband and I have been here with our kids over the years and the food is consistently very good and 50% price adjustments on dinners gives us a chance to try different items we wouldn’t have tried otherwise

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