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NEW Health Celebrates Health Center Week

August 10-16 is National Health Center Week and North End Waterfront Health is proud to be a part of the healthcare network that serves half of Boston residents. In honor of National Health Center Week, here are a few facts about community health centers:

  • There are over 1,200 Health Centers in all 50 states and U.S. territories that provide care to 22 million people in more than 9,000 communities.
  • Health Centers are open to all regardless of insurance status.
  • Health Centers serve over 8,000 uninsured people.
  • Health Centers are located in high-need areas.
  • Health Centers produce more than 189,000 jobs.
  • Health Centers are community driven and patient centered.
  • Health Centers provide high quality, affordable primary, and preventive care as well as mental health and substance abuse services and dental care.
  • Health Centers meet or exceed nationally accepted practice standards for treatment of chronic conditions.
  • Health Centers offer services that help patient’s access healthcare such as transportation, translation, health education, case management, and home visits.
  • Health Centers tailor their services to meet the special needs and priorities of their communities.