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Eliot School Students Publish “Eliot Times” Newspaper

Students in grades 3 and 4 at the Eliot Intermediate School in Boston’s North End have started their own school newspaper, Eliot Times.

The second edition of the paper, started by students Patrick and Orson, was recently published and met with much enthusiasm from the other students, as evidenced by the photo below!

The founders received a special shout-out from Principal Traci Walker Griffith for identifying a need in the school community, approaching school teachers and administrators to pitch their idea, and ultimately convincing the Eliot leaders to create a school newspaper. The two also spent nine weeks writing multiple articles for the Eliot Times.

“This took a lot of bravery and strong persuasive skills to create this change. Nice job Patrick and Orson!” – Principal Griffith

All photos courtesy of the Eliot School.