Boston Police Department (BPD) Sergeant Steven Moy, in attendance on behalf of Captain Fong, provided a police report at the February Wharf District Council (WDC) meeting.

There have been seven reported incidents, largely occurring in and around State St. BPD has undertaken efforts to roll out increased surveillance in addition to upgrading lighting by Spring 2020.

Breaking and Entering, Larceny
December 8th 2019, 11:30PM 125 Broad Street

Officers responded to a call from the building manager who had reviewed surveillance footage and observed female suspect breaking and entering the property through a rear door entrance. The suspect stole several Apple laptops valued at $1,000. Detectives are following up.

Aggravated Assault
December 21st 2019, State Street

Initial verbal altercation outside of bar between two individuals escalated into an aggravated assault, with the victim sustaining bruised ribs and injuries to the right side of the face. Victim transported to hospital, the suspect fled on foot. The case is currently under investigation.

Assault By Means Of A Dangerous Weapon, Public Disturbance
December 29th 2019, 6:00AM 160 State Street

Officers responded to a call involving a suspect on the street brandishing a knife, screaming and attempting to inflict physical damage upon himself. The suspect was reportedly demanding that officers shoot him. Officers were able to subdue and disarm the suspect. Suspect transported to MGH (Mass General Hospital) for evaluation and charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

Breaking and Entering, Larceny
January 2nd 2020, 83 State Street

Officers responded to a call stating an unknown individual had broken into the property via a fire escape and an unlocked door and had proceeded to steal computer equipment. The case is currently under investigation.

Breaking and Entering (Bank)
January 18th 2020, 2:30AM 67 Broad Street

Plain clothes officers responded to an ATM alarm under radio silence. Arriving on the scene, they witnessed two suspects attempting to break down the walls to seize the ATM on-premises. Suspects had a police scanner in their possession.

Suspects were arrested and charged with two counts of breaking and entering. One suspect had previously served time for bank robbery and was released two months prior. The second suspect had an outstanding warrant.

Menacing, Public Disturbance
January 20th 2020, 107 State Street

Officers responded to suspect brandishing what turned out to be a replica firearm. Suspect was arrested and charged.

Menacing, Public Disturbance
February 2nd 2020, 2:30AM 73 State Street

Officers responded to a call reporting an overserved bar patron causing a disturbance and engaging in disorderly conduct. Suspect was known to officers. Suspect was arrested and charged.

For the latest crime report and police blotter, click here and here.

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