11 Replies to “Truck Hits Hanover Street Tree

  1. > noting it was decayed
    It most certainly was not decayed. I have pictures of the trunk from this morning as well as pictures of it with leaves last summer. Things tend to be readily “ripped off” when struck by 40,000 lb tractor trailers.

    I wonder if the worker quoted has a reason to spin that narrative?

    1. Just checked and I also have photos of it from a few months ago with all its leaves. Very sad, this was a beautiful tree.

    2. The driver spins that narrative because he does not want to take full responsibility for the damaged tree. Carelessness.
      Have you noticed that truck drivers also take wild guesses as to the height of bridges and look at the mishaps we’ve had… backed up traffic; damaged truck; perhaps damaged bridge.

    1. You got my vote. Some may not care too much about the tree. But the trees add to the neighborhood.

  2. Nothing like getting stuck on Storrow Drive for hours because some truck driver apparently can’t read no – truck signs.

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