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Stabbing on Saturday Night at Hanover & Blackstone Streets

Boston Police and EMS responded to a report of a stabbing near the intersection of Hanover and Blackstone Streets around midnight on Saturday night.

Police have arrested a 29-year-old Jamaica Plain man charging “assault with intent to kill” for the stabbing that was part of a street fight, according to the Boston Herald. The victim was 25 years old from Waltham. Witnesses apparently broke up the fight but were also “pummeled,” per the report.

Adam Castiglioni (@ConceirgeBoston) captured the above photo of the scene near Haymarket and Surface Road after the incident.

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    1. I was in the bar business for 18 years. There is no need for the bars to stay open later. The North End, especially, does not need any more young, drunk kids screaming in the middle of the night. What the mayor doesn’t get is that the quality of life for local residents will decrease significantly! Also, the owners of these bars don’t understand the liability involved. They are only looking at the short term. Boston is not NYC nor do we want to be!

  1. A random stabbing makes you jump to conclusions like that? And There is no chance north end bars will stay open till 3

    1. It does not matter if the bars in the North End are open or not. Walsh wants the bars in Faneuil Hall and North Station to stay open until 3:30 AM. Where do you think the students and young professionals who live in the North End will go?

      1. “Where do you think the students and young professionals who live in the North End will go?”

        Unless there’s some Cinderella style magic at play and they all turn into pumpkins, I’d assume the majority of them would go home and go to bed just like the rest of us.

    2. This is not just a random stabbing. The spillover from the bars closing in Faneuil Hall causes nightly fights (in the NE), vandalism to cars, and allows for basically a parade of loud, drunken idiots making their way back to their apartments. 3am? No thanks.

    3. Oh, how naive you are. Apparently, you have not attended any neighborhood meetings. Unfortunately, your optimism is misguided.

  2. I can hear it now…3:30 license for FH and North Station bars….North End restaurant and bar owners will say they cannot be competitive w/ those bars if they are not granted a similar closing times so they will come, one after another if front of the neighborhood groups asking for 3:30/4AM licenses. Then one will be granted in the North End and every other owner will point to that place and ask why they cannot have the same…..tell me I’m wrong.

  3. Can somebody explain to me how this stabbing is related to a proposal for 3:30 bar closing hours?

    The incident happened at 12am not after 2am. Are we saying that is the bars were closed at 1am that this incident wouldn’t have occurred or it just would have happened at 11pm instead?

    The guy had a knife. He most likely brought this out with him on a night out, so it was somewhat pre-meditated regardless if he was drinking or not. Did drink turn him into a scumbag? I doubt it, did it make him more likely to do it? probably but this would have happened regardless if the bars closed at 12, 1, 2, or 3:30am This is all speculative anyway, we don’t even know if this guy was drinking in the first place.

    Like I said in another post: I think a major benefit of bars staying open till 3:30 am is that it will stagger the drinking of people. The biggest problem with closing every bar in the city at 2am is the huge crowds of drunk people all pouring out onto the streets looking for limited cabs and food at the same time, it only causes problems. Have you seen how hard it is to get a cab at 2am on a Saturday night? This also leads to a lot more drink driving.

  4. Every other week in the North End it’s something. If it’s not breaking up a fight it’s vandalism and now sexual assault. There needs to be more police presence in the North End and not just when incidents occur.

    1. We have police officers waste time and tax payers money to oppose the transfer of a 11:30 closing liquor license of Davide restaurant, but we have no police officers to patrol the North End, after 11Pm.

    2. Yes! This is yet another unfortunate call for more police presence in the North End. I’m concerned about St. Patty’s this weekend. We’ve gotten hit very hard in past years.

    1. Really? Just because it didn’t happen in a bar doesn’t mean it’s not related to drinking….I highly doubt all of the participants were sober. What difference does it make if it happened in a bar or not?

  5. I am out 7 nights a week and don’t know if you are living underground or in a soundproof apt.,
    but there is far too much insanity going on now when these neighborhood bars break.
    I am in contact with almost every bartender in this neighborhood, and let me tell you how this
    works. The people that work in the restaurant business where they happen to close at 1 a.m.,
    along with the customers, seek other bars in the neighborhood that close at 2 a.m. and they all
    try to pump as much booze in their bodies that they possibly can, and then at 2 30 a.m., the
    bartenders, literally have to go from behind the bar (in some bars) and take the glasses out of the customers’
    hands and get them off the premises by 2 30 a.m. Now a 2 30 a.m. people are on our
    streets shouting and talking very loud and disturbing the entire neighborhood because they
    are so intoxicated.

    I happen to frequent N.Y.C. quite often and I have never seen so many police in my life on the
    streets. We are not N.Y.C. and hopefully we don’t intend to compete with N.Y.C. because
    we don’t have that kind of Police Protection.

    This little neighborhood of ours has endured, Urination, Defecation and Fornication on our
    streets and in our doorways, and I am sure they were not sober people, and seeking a
    3 30 a.m. liquor license is like begging for more problems. This not only puts severe
    pressure on our Police Dept., but the Bartenders & Wait Staff are at effect. In the establishments
    that close at 2 a.m., usually the bartenders get off by 4 a.m. and closing at 3 30 a.m.
    would probably let them prepare and get out by 6 a.m.

    We who live in this neighborhood are already effected by far too many restaurants and bars,
    why in God’s name, are we looking for extended ours. The Lust for Money has been
    destroying what we consider our HOMES, and guess what Sean, we are not leaving, we
    are here to stay.

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