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150 Year Old Elm Tree Toppled at Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

Friday’s massive coastal storm not only flooded Boston’s waterfront, but the high winds took a toll on neighborhood trees. Most notably, this 150 year-old Elm tree was toppled at Copp’s Hill Burying Ground. Thanks to Thomas Schiavoni and Paul Foster for sharing these pictures.

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Storm Photo: Uprooted Tree at Columbus Park

Quite the storm on Sunday night into early Monday morning. This tree was uprooted at Columbus Park on Atlantic Avenue. Submitted by David Goggins. More storm scenes at Universal Hub. “Neighborhood Photo” is a regular feature on Submit your interesting photos using our Submit a Post form or tag @northend.waterfront on Instagram. Please include Read More…


Downtown View: Autumn Requires Poetry

New Englanders have a complicated relationship with autumn. We brag about it and invite outsiders to enjoy it with us. After all, who wouldn’t like those maples and oaks turning orange, crimson and yellow? Trees turn color in Illinois and Iowa too, but because those places have few hills, you can’t see them in big Read More…


Truckload of Trees Arrives in North End

A trailer full of trees showed up in the North End on Thursday, responding to resident requests including those made as part of a tree inventory compiled by the Parks and Open Spaces Committee of North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA). NEWRA’s committee recently met with City Councilor Sal LaMattina who worked with the Parks Department Read More…

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Street Cleaning Saves Cars as Tree Branch Falls from Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

In Tuesday afternoon’s sun shower, one of the trees at the Copp’s Hill Burying Ground snapped and fell onto Snow Hill Street. “The large branch also took out the fence too,” says Jennifer McGivern who shares this photo of the scene. Car owners that usually park on the street can count their blessings. “Luckily it Read More…

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City Repairs Tree Stump Hole on Hanover Street

After last week’s complaints regarding an long empty tree stump hole on Hanover Street, we heard from City Hall through Stephen Passacantilli, Special Assistant to the Mayor. The hole has been filled in with concrete as shown in the attached photo. Thus ends the stump hole’s campaign for historic preservation status. Similar issues can be Read More…

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North End Innovation: Turning Tree Stumps Into Sidewalk Potholes

North End Innovation is illustrated by the city’s cutting down a tree on Hanover St., corner Parmenter, leaving the stump for a while, then removing the stump, and creating a hole in the sidewalk. It is an obvious hazard to the hundreds of thousands of tourists walking the Freedom Trail, as well as to North Read More…

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City to Remove Lights From Trees on Hanover Street

The City Hall reports section of this week’s NEWRA meeting held some notable tidbits, as announced by Neighborhood Coordinator, Nicole Leo. As part of Boston Shines this Saturday, the Public Works department will be powerwashing the sidewalks on Hanover and Salem Street. This will fulfill a campaign promise from Mayor Marty Walsh, an action supported Read More…