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North End Rehab’s Ribbon Cutting Unveils New Facility Changes

The North End Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, a member of Marquis Health Services, held an open house on Wednesday, September 25. Guests were able to tour the facility and learn more about the recently completed renovations. A number of elected officials, healthcare professionals and neighborhood residents stopped by for a social hour which was capped off by a ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorating the occasion.

Marquis Health Services assumed full operation of the facility on October 28, 2017. Renovation efforts began soon afterward, totaling over $4.5 million. The complete overhaul of all rooms, bathrooms and common areas, including a new 3,000 sq. ft therapy gym, began in early 2018.

The therapy gym is equipped with an ADL suite complete with a full kitchen for OT training, an isolated matt room, and a SMART car that patients can use to train on before being discharged. The second floor subacute floor features a brand new beauty parlor and upgraded amenities can be found throughout the facility. The fourth floor cardiopulmonary unit, where all rooms have been converted to private, are equipped with piped-in oxygen and suction units.

Senator Joe Boncore delivered a few remarks before the ribbon-cutting, noting that, “None of this would have been possible without the groundswell of support from the neighborhood coalition.”

Senator Boncore was joined by Rep. Paul Donato, Rep. Steve Utrino and City Councilor Althea Garrison. North End residents Pamela Donnarumma, Marie Simboli and Francine Gannon were thanked for their efforts.

CEO Norman Rokeach and Administrator Sami Almadi made statements as well with Rokeach stating, “We were so lucky and indeed so privileged to have won the North End trophy.” Almadi praised the dedication of the staff: “It’s about more than aesthetics, it’s about delivering on what we’ve promised to the patients and their families.”

2 Replies to “North End Rehab’s Ribbon Cutting Unveils New Facility Changes

  1. Not 100% accurate. ALL rooms have not been renovated. The 3rd floor, which houses permanent residents, is not renovated. But I’m sure Marquis has thought about the disruption that would cause to these residents…many of whom were born and brought up in the North End.

    But Sami is 100% accurate when he states “it’s not all about aesthetics”. It really is the staff which makes a facility like this work.
    I’m hoping Marquis will continue to move forward and look to improve on what they have already done. It’s not perfect and they went through immense growing pains when they took over from Spaulding. But these renovations were needed and look great.

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