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Marquis Health CEO Talks About Taking Reins of North End Nursing & Rehab Facility [Video]

CEO Norman Rokeach of Marquis Health Services spoke at this month’s North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) meeting regarding the operational transition of the North End Nursing Home and Rehab Center from Partners Healthcare / Spaulding. Joining Rokeach was Stacey Rebelo, Director of Operations, Jennifer Raymond, Dir. of Network Development, and other Marquis staff.

The sale of the 70 Fulton Street building was completed earlier in the year and Marquis expects to assume full operations of the nursing and rehab facility from Partners on October 28, 2017. Renovations totaling over $4.5 million in expenses will begin in early 2018 including a complete overhaul of all rooms, bathrooms and common areas, including a new 3,000 sq. ft. therapy gym. No patients will need to move out to accommodate the renovation work that will be done in stages, according to Marquis staff.

Marquis Health will be licensed for 100 patients, down from the previously licensed 140 at the facility. Under the sale agreement, Partners is taking 40 licensed beds with them to their Brighton nursing home. About 55 current residents will be staying at the facility while others will be moving with Partners.

Marquis is planning for a mix of 70 nursing beds (long-term) and 30 rehab (short-term). Management expects to have roughly 50 private rooms given the added space from having fewer total beds in the building. Licenses are regulated by the State and Marquis is considering applying for an additional 12 beds at the North End facility to raise its capacity to 112 patients.

All current patients that want to stay in the North End are being accommodated by Marquis Health. Management is also working with others families that want to move into the North End facility.

Marquis Health is exclusively dedicated to nursing and rehabilitation with 18 total facilities, including five in Massachusetts and its headquarters in New Jersey. They are also connected to multiple hospitals in the Boston area.

For more information and contact information, see NorthEndRehab.com.