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New Eliot Upper School Building Opens in North End

The new school year commences for Boston Public Schools on Thursday, September 5 and, for students attending grades 5-8 at the Eliot Innovation School in the North End, this also means a new school building! Principal Traci Walker Griffith expressed excitement over the new school year saying, “We look forward to continuing the hard work of raising the bar and closing the gap for every student at the Eliot! We will continue to strengthen our professional learning community to ensure that all students reach their goals.”

The new Eliot K-8 Innovation Upper School at 585 Commercial Street opens this academic year. The opening brings hundreds of new learning seats to the neighborhood as the Eliot expands to 740 students, a nearly four times increase from when it was just one building on Charter Street (now the Lower School, K1-Grade1). It also completes the three-building campus following the 2017 opening of what is now the Intermediate School (Grades 2-4) on Salem Street at the former North Bennet Street School location.

The school is complete with new classrooms, computer labs, cafeteria, an outdoor play space, and more. “Our learning studios and nooks are flexible spaces to give students a choice in what kind of learning space works best for them, and help them to work collaboratively, communicate, and engage in critical thinking,” said Principal Traci Walker Griffith. She also thanked the Friends of the Eliot School for supporting the school’s newest enrichment, Digital Arts.

Photos courtesy of the Eliot Innovation School.

8 Replies to “New Eliot Upper School Building Opens in North End

  1. Terrific achievement for Boston and the North End.
    Wouldn’t it be appropriate to re-name the school after Mayor Menino who made this happen?

  2. Toured it yesterday…..what a score for the North End and all the children. It’s a testament to what the principal and educators who pushed this forward through what I can only imagine was a painful process over all these years. This “Shout Out” goes to Traci Griffith!!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful school! That harbor view would certainly make me start zoning out if I was a student there.

  4. Maybe Traci can arrange for a tour for local residents who don’t have children in the school. I, for one, would love to tour the complex.

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