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New Trash Schedule on Mondays and Thursdays; Clean Streets Flyer

Changes to the citywide trash collection services began on July 1. For the North End, the first Thursday of the new schedule will be July 4th. Trash collection will begin on Thursday morning at 6 a.m.

There is no delay for the Fourth of July holiday. Residents are encouraged to put their trash and recycling out early Thursday morning, but can also put it curbside starting 5pm on Wednesday night.

Thursday street sweeping has now officially been moved to Friday. The city has placed stickers over the parking signs to alert residents. Be sure to note the new schedule when you park your car!

While we’re all thinking about trash, this is a good time to review the City’s recycling rules. Tina Busa of the North End Clean Streets Initiative (NECSI) created a helpful leaflet below detailing what residents can and cannot recycle.

The NECSI has been advocating for increased commitment from the City for services designed to keep our neighborhood clean. NECSI President Joe Mendola stressed that DPW’s planned increase in the number of street cleaners (hokies) throughout the week, as well as the addition of more trash receptacles will make a significant difference.

You can look up your collection schedule and learn what items can be recycled on the city’s Trash and Recycling Day page. There’s also an app that allows users to set reminders and receive notifications of any schedule changes.

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16 Replies to “New Trash Schedule on Mondays and Thursdays; Clean Streets Flyer

  1. “The switch from Friday to Thursday will allow small businesses to receive deliveries in advance of the weekend.”
    A small business owner needs to explain this to me.

  2. The switch to an earlier pickup will force people to put their trash out the night before causing more bags being torn open overnight and more rats eating the garbage, how is this helpful?

    1. You are 100% correct, Robyn. While the switch in days for pick-ups and street sweeping makes sense, the time change will result in more trash bags put out the night before. Also, the City does not allow construction in residential neighborhoods to start before 7am, why should we now be subject to more early morning noise pollution? If anything, the City should require all garbage trucks, including the private restaurant trash haulers who come between 3-5am every night, to only operate between 7-11am. Where was the community feedback process for these changes before they were implemented without consultation?

  3. Once again, all these changes are to accomodate Tourists, never the Residents. What else is new?

  4. It be nice if some resident wouldn’t overstuff garbage in small white glad bags or even paper bags, which I don’t even understand. The city should mandate mint bags, it would be a start. The North End over the years has really become dirty. It’s outright embarrassing . The city really needs to go around and clean constantly. Those city garbage bins are a joke. They are constantly over full, feeding the rats a great dinner. There is disgarded food on the sidewalk, thrown by ignorant bastards eating at 3 O’clock in the morning bombed out of their mind. Recipients of education. It’s a small type neighborhood loaded with eateries, it has to be cleaned constantly. What is the city councilor doing ?.

    1. What about the restaurants? A rat can chew through a 3mil contractor bag with little more effort than a household garbage bag.

    2. Once again, educated people get the blame for everything that’s amiss in the North End. It is the same old song.

      1. It’s the drunks who are getting blamed. Many of these offenders are book smart college educated students and recent grads who are clueless about respecting their neighborhood and other people. Blame mummy and daddy for spoiling them and telling them they can do no wrong.

    3. Daniel, I’m interested in the mint bags. Have you used them with any success? Not sure whether I’ve seen them at the grocery, but I guess Home Depot would have them.

  5. We know that the “ignorant bastards “who are out at 3AM have no regard for the NE and the long suffering people who live there, but one would think that the Mayor and the City officials would care? 😠

  6. Kudos, Daniel T, Matthew & Michael D. This BS has been going on for over 20 years & no protests outside City Hall has ever taken place yet regarding our neighborhood matters. People only get away with what you allow them to get away with, short & simple. The City cares more about Tourism. They paved Hanover St.,
    what about the rest of the No. End with holes in our streets & broken down sidewalks?

  7. Heather, The only people I blame is Absentee Landlords, not all, but most of them.
    These buildings are nothing but cash cows to them; to those of us that have lived here
    most of our lives or own property, this place is our Home. There was a lot of Trash
    left on certain streets, but I blame the City for not increasing the fines so that the
    Absentee Landlords goes into shock when they see the fine, and the Landlord has the
    right to impose that Fine on his Tenant, if he can find out who it was.

    1. The issuance of fines is a bit sloppy. They don’t have much data regarding who owns the building so most fines are issued to the first floor unit. If that is a transient, they toss the ticket. By the time the final notice arrives, the tenant is long gone and a call to City Hall gets the ticket expunged. So many transients in the neighborhood, we were regularly having trash dumped in front of our building from other buildings. I caught them in the act once in awhile and they would put the trash in front of another place. I’d tell them not there either and they would run off. Most effective method was to find their building and shove it in their entrance. But this requires almost constant vigilence which hard if you are off working.

  8. I’m annoyed that the City issued a mailer to announce the change of pick up day, but didn’t include reminders about how to put out your trash. Is anyone thinking this through?

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