Letter to the Editor: Community Preservation Act Funding

We are writing to say thank you to State Representative Aaron Michlewitz for his advocacy to increase the state match for the Community Preservation Trust Fund in the state budget!

In 2016 75% of Boston voters cast their ballot in support of the Community Preservation Act (CPA), enabling new funds for affordable housing, historic preservation, and parks and open space. 

North Enders value the impact of CPA. Langone Park, undergoing a significant renovation, will have climate resiliency features added with CPA funds recommended by Mayor Walsh, preventing flooding in our neighborhood and throughout downtown. A partnership with the Ausonia Council Knights of Columbus #1513, a local CDC, and the City of Boston will create affordable housing for elders in the Knights’ underutilized historic building.

CPA was passed by voters with an expectation of state matching funds. Due to an outdated funding mechanism the match dwindled to just 11%. Chairman Michlewitz included a fix in the House’s fiscal year 2020 budget that will bring the match up to nearly 30%, and even more if surplus state funds are added in some years.  

We would also like to thank Senator Joseph Boncore for his support of both projects as well.

Here’s to Representative Michlewitz and Senator Boncore and to many more years of exciting CPA improvements for our North End neighborhood!


John Pagliuca
Grand Knight
Ausonia Council , K. of C.,  #1513

Louis Cavagnaro, Sr.
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