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Planning Studies Announced for Rutherford Ave. in Charlestown

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) has announced the next stage of planning studies for the Rutherford Avenue Corridor in Charlestown.

The Charlestown strategic plan aims to preserve the historic residential core of Charlestown by focusing on growth of underutilized, publicly-owned properties along the Rutherford Avenue Corridor. The formal public process will begin in early 2020, but BPDA staff will start reaching out to local stakeholders including community members later this summer.

This strategic planning effort is part of Imagine Boston 2030. Planned improvements to Rutherford Avenue aim to transform this highway into a neighborhood-friendly urban boulevard with safe pedestrian and cyclist connections. See pages from Imagine Boston 2030 regarding Rutherford Avenue and Sullivan Square below.

Other ongoing community planning initiatives include PLAN: East Boston and PLAN: Downtown.

The East Boston strategic plan is focusing on preserving and enhancing existing residential communities and businesses, anti-displacement strategies, connectivity along the waterfront, mobility and flood protection.

The next community engagement event for PLAN: East Boston is a small business round table discussion on Wednesday, July 24.

The Downtown strategic plan recognizes that Boston’s Downtown has transformed from primarily a business district to a mixed-use neighborhood. The goal of PLAN: Downtown is to develop a new framework for preservation and growth of this area, while remembering the importance of daylight, walkability, climate change, open space, and affordability.

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