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Madonna Delle Grazie 2019 Procession [Photo Gallery]

The annual procession was held for Madonna delle Grazie on Sunday, July 14, 2019 in Boston’s North End. The society honors Madonna Delle Grazie of Avellino, Italy and was founded in Boston in 1903 from San Sossio Baronia Avellino. Madonna delle Grazie (Our Lady of Graces) is a devotion to the Virgin Mary in the Roman Catholic Church.

Photographer Gerri Palladino captured these moments from the procession.

The end of this year’s event was marred by unauthorized fireworks that went out of control at DeFilippo Park (the Gassy) during the procession. See this previous post to read more.

9 Replies to “Madonna Delle Grazie 2019 Procession [Photo Gallery]

  1. Great! Where’s the link to all the damage caused to DeFilippo Playground from the illegal fireworks the procession was allowed to shoot off? Shows a total disregard by the organizers for the personal safety and property of North End residents!

    1. Dan G- This society has done the fireworks display for years even Agrippina did a display in there last year no complaints.

      1. No, there are complaints every.single.year. BPD jsut doesn’t respond because of issues with the societies. This was even brought up in community meeting with BPD last July.

        I’m also struggling with the correlation to them being done in the past and the CURRENT complaints about safety since one hit a child, they started a fire and smoldering remnants were found on wood roof decks. Am I right to understand that you feel like because they have been illegally set off for years, that makes this current situation ok?

      2. Yes, I’m sure there are many things that have been done in the North End in the past that are no longer accepatable to the neighborhood. Illegal fireworks need to be added to that list!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. These illegal fireworks are a major public safety concern in the North End. It’s unfortunate that it takes a child getting hit with a firework for the City/BPD to finally take notice.

  3. Marred ? Once again, it’s seems this page is against the NE relegious feast. Who runs this page ? Too put such a statement down that the feast of the blessed Mother was marred by fireworks . I know the person that runs this page and is not putting up all the statements here. Next time you want a donation, you won’t be getting any from me. Chaso and marred ?

    Small people with small minds. if your against the saints and traditions of the North End, there are tons of homes for sale and apartments for rent in Roxbury, Mattapan and that certain part of Dorchester. They have fireworks almost every night and not the kind that accidental started a small fire in a tin can. And I’m sure as there is a God in heaven, you wouldn’t be making any statements in those neighborhoods. let’s see if this is printed, chaso and marred ? Take a look around people, your little world is getting smaller. I don’t see any large uproar on any other issues that is slowly changing the North End for the worse. And the final statement kids, stock up on your medications, it’s that time of year again, where hundreds of North Shore kiddies more or less take over the North End half drunk out of their minds. Going down every single street in the North End causing havoc . You think that be called chaso and marred ? A friend made a statement, but it didn’t get printed. Let’s see if they print this. I’ll see you all tomorrow in the procession .

  4. This site usually has polls on various topics and I have a request. I’ve been around the block more than a few times so I am not naive. I have and always will support the Feasts and they are a tradition that have gone on for a century. I think a solution and plan can be reached to solve the issues of shooting off fireworks. I also know that some people despise the Feasts and would love to eliminate them and they maybe using the gassy fiasco as a reason to ban the Feasts altogether. My request is a poll asking do you support the Feasts or should they be banned ?.

    1. Who is going to banned them ? Your going to put your real full name down when you banned them ? That piece of paper will be blank. You can’t banned your relegious right, establish for more then 116 years and no politician will even sit down with any fool to even discuss it. Banning a relegious procession ?. Your talking like a true socialist. Gee, if it’s that easy, lets ban the junkies, the homeless drunks, the drunken college kids and let’s ban them from even moving in the North End. Let’s ban dogs, the N.E. Is too small for them. Lets ban those North Shore fools that are coming soon, You should read their social media network . . Let’s ban garbage on the sidewalks that the pigs put out in open bags ( even on Prince street ). Let’s sign a petition and ban rats from the North End, that’s all it will take, right ? Just ban them. You attack the relegious societies here, which is there faith, tradition and culture and you’ll see the power of unity among them. The Catholic Church found that out quite a few years ago. Get over it and move on, it’s not worth the trouble .

  5. I merely implied that is the probably the true intent of a lot of the people who complain about the Feasts. An unscientific poll would only give a fairly accurate pulse of how the NE residents view the Feasts. Of course the poll is non binding. Two points if you read my comment I clearly wrote that” I support the Feasts and always will” I did NOT attack anyone’s religion. Chill out! Secondly I have been called a lot of things in my life but being called a true socialist is a first😠 You will have to excuse me so I can attend a Bernie Sanders rally. 🍷🇮🇹

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