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Four Sculptures to be Installed at North Square

Anne Hirsch and Jeremy Angier from A+J Art+Design presented an update on the North Square art project and the four sculptures designed for the Square at the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) and North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) July meetings.

A+J Art+Design was selected to create the artwork for the renovated North Square in April 2017. The project is now nearing completion and the Square is slated to reopen in the fall. The team hopes to install the four sculptures the week of September 9. Each sculpture reflects some piece of the history and culture of the North End.

See renderings in the video presentations and read more in the summary below.

1798 North Square View

This sculpture shows the view from that spot in 1798, complete with an index labeling what buildings were present at that time. There is also a drawing of the USS Constitution, built and launched in the North End, and a drawing of the old State House.

North End Story Map

This is a 3-dimensional overhead view of the North End as it exists today. The map was first created as a model in clay, then to wax, and then to bronze. The designers also created a small scavenger hunt within the map, with figures of a cannoli, garlic, loaf of bread, etc. There will also be a website where a story vault will live of North End stories, to be developed over the next year. You can contribute to the vault here.

Fantastical Historical Nautical Instrument

This represents North Square’s strong connection to the water. The sculpture sits on three figureheads that rest on a wave surface. There are five scopes with images viewers can see when they look through the eyepiece. The five images are of historic people with ties to the North End and the sea.

What We Brought With UsSuitcase Sculpture

This suitcase will have luggage labels on the outside that were drawn by students at the North End Eliot and St. John Schools. Inside the suitcase is a sculpture of Sacred Heart Church with a feast procession going through North Square. There’s also a scene of a grandmother looking out her apartment window, influenced by the book From Italy to The North End by Anthony Riccio.

Watch the videos of A+J Art+Design’s presentations to NEWNC and NEWRA above. Learn more about the project at aandjartanddesign.com/NorthSquare/.

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