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NEWNC Agenda for February 8th Meeting at Pilot House, 7:00pm


Monday, February 8, 2010

*Note Location Change*
Pilot House, 2 Atlantic Ave.


1.    Call to order – Stephen Passacantilli

2.    Roll call – Stephen Passacantilli

3.    Meeting Protocol – Marie Simboli

4.    Update from the Office of Neighborhood Services — Nicole Leo

5.    Report from the offices of local elected officials

6.    Committee reports
A.    Public Safety
B.    Greenway

7.    75 Commercial Street, Segway Tours/Boston Gliders has applied for a C.V. License to serve coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages in the first floor commercial space at a Segway Tours office in the Mercantile Building.  The space will be used for viewing/marketing tour photos and serving beverage refreshments, including a coffee bar with 6-8 seats.  Hours of operation up to 8:00 PM six days, Sundays 6:00 PM.

8.    North Bennet Street School, Miguel Gomez-Ibanez, Executive Director, will provide an update on NBSS activities, including the school’s potential to expand within the neighborhood and their new program with the Eliot School.

9.    9 N. Margin Street, owner Sal Tecce, has re-filed an application previously approved by the Zoning Board of Appeal, as well as NEWNC, in 2006. The owner failed to pull the building permit and the previous approval expired after two years. Zoning relief is required to construct a new five-unit dwelling, with a garage beneath (at ground level) for two-cars. Plans are identical to the 2006 application, including the previous agreements made with the residents at 19 Widget St. The garage entrance and exit will be from and to N. Margin Street only, not from Wiget Street. Balconies on the N. Margin Street side of the building will not be built, per the ZBA’s previous proviso. The building height will be 54.50 feet, in accordance with the 55 feet maximum height limit.

10.   Meeting adjournment

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