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Rep. Michlewitz Secures State Funding for North End Parks

As part of the first budget State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz has introduced as the new Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, the Representative allocated funding for Christopher Columbus Park, Copp’s Hill Terrace and Cutillo Park in the North End.

More details in the release below.

On April 25, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed its fiscal 2020 year budget, which invests in programs and services across the Commonwealth. Funded at $42.7 billion, the House budget makes major investments in education, housing, substance use disorder services, health care, and other areas while projecting a more than $200 million deposit into the Stabilization Fund – bringing the fund’s balance to more than $2.5 billion to safeguard the future of vital programs and services.

“These types of investments in our neighborhood parks are important, especially in a downtown neighborhood, and will help to make sure these gems are protected and activated for years to come,” said Representative Michlewitz.

This was the first budget to be introduced by Chair of Ways and Means Aaron Michlewitz. As a part of it, Michlewitz was able to successfully allocate funding for parks and open spaces in the North End. 

  • Christopher Columbus Park was rewarded $250,000 to address climate resiliency needs.
  • Copp’s Hill Terrace was awarded $50,000 for restoration and beautification efforts. 
  • Cutillo Park was awarded $25,000 for park maintenance and general improvements. 

5 Replies to “Rep. Michlewitz Secures State Funding for North End Parks

  1. I would like to see some part of this go towards general cleanup, since much of the tourism and subsequent litter comes from within the state.

    1. Budgets don’t work that way. It would have had to be allocated as a line item in the budget. I think these are great projects and much needed.

  2. I agree. We need help cleaning up after the 2 million tourists a year that walk through our neighborhood as they visit Old North.

  3. Is this website now part of the Michlewitz campaign? Enough of this already.

    At least report about what he’s actually doing & say that he submitted a budget that took away a tax on vaping & opioids plus a stricter cap on drug prices that was in governor Baker’s original budget, instead of pasting in his press release about a little bit of pork that he slipped in for parks in his district.

    Here’s the truth, Michlewitz’ budget got rid of “Baker’s proposals targeting the health care industry in their version of the fiscal 2020 budget, changing a plan to restrict drug prices and dropping Baker’s recommended taxes on vaping and opioid manufacturers.”

    Fighting vaping & opioids and helping seniors dealing with high drug prices is going to help more people in this neighborhood than spiffing up the parks for tourists.

    If you’re going to talk about politics don’t feed us propaganda. Or at least clearly ID this as a post from Michlewitz’ office.

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