Welcome back to our weekly update that highlights some of the cases appearing on 311 in the North End/Waterfront neighborhoods. All 311 cases are public information and can be found at 311.boston.gov.

311 User Concerned for Homeless on Cross Street

A homeless person has set up a place to stay on Cross Street.

“The North End, The Waterfront, and The Seaport are building all kinds of condos, and someone has to live like this on Cross Street. What a disgrace for this city. Please show this to someone in the mayor’s office much appreciated thank you.”

The original 311 post can be found here. The case was originally submitted and opened on March 20, 2019. The case is still open as of March 24, 2019.

Street Cleaning Warning Tickets Issued Instead of Towing

Warning tickets were issued for street cleaning parking during a grace period to remind people about the street cleaning program.

“Can you tell me why this car and two others were only ticketed and not towed during street cleaning today in the North End on ninth street? I had to move my car to make sure I was not towed yet three cars have tickets and no tow what’s up with that”

The original 311 post can be found here. The case was submitted and opened on March 21, 2019. The case was then closed on March 22, 2019 with the following message: “Closed with status: Case Closed. Case Noted. Towing has not started yet, the tickets are being issued to let folks know that towing will be starting soon. It’s a short grace period after every winter to remind folks of the street cleaning program before towing cars.”

Cooper Street Potholes

“The street needs some work, in North End area thanks”

The original 311 post can be found here. The case was submitted and opened on March 18, 2019. The case remains open as of March 24, 2019.

Remember, to report a claim with 311, you can call 311, go to the 311 websitetweet at 311, or download the app. What do you think about these 311 cases? Follow our “What’s The 311?” tag to see past week’s postings!

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  1. Find the 311 call regarding cars not being towed appalling.. That attitude that sounds like an immature entitled resident. Poor me, I had to move my car to avoid being towed and these people only received a ticket. Give me a break, you should be ecstatic that your neighbor’s cars weren’t towed instead of complaining about being inconvenienced.

    • It’s a sin that people use 311 to moan and complain about stuff like this. What do you want the mayor to do on cross st? Invite the person to his house?

      Someone is upset that their neighbor did not get towed? Give me a break!!

      The people in this neighborhood are truly insane. I don’t know what happened.

  2. The common sense on some people baffles me.

    If the 311 caller is so concercerned about the homeless person on Cross St then do something meaningful. Invite them to your apartment for a dinner. Start a fundraiser. Do something other than playing with your phone.

    • Don’t you think that the homeless situation is the responsibility of the Mayor and the city? No one should be living on the streets. If was a dog or a puppy there would be more of an outrage.

      • The city has resources for the homeless and addicted. If you think the mayor has the ability to get every homeless person off the street then you are dillusional.

        Once again maybe the 311 caller should put down the phone and actually offer the homeless person assistance.

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