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Green Cross Pharmacy is Closing After 55 Years in Boston’s North End

Green Cross Pharmacy in the North End is closing its doors for good. Their last day open for business will be March 5, 2019.

Peppi and Freddy Giangregorio from Green Cross Pharmacy.

Owners Joseph (Peppi) and Fernando (Freddy) Giangregorio came to the United States in 1954 and have owned the pharmacy at 393 Hanover Street since 1964. As residents and small business owners, they have been actively involved in the North End community for over 50 years.

Peppi recently received an award from Centro Attività Scolastiche Italiane (C.A.S.IT) for his unwavering support and promotion of the Italian language and culture in the North End. The brothers have also earned a Clean Streets Good Neighbor Award.

Peppi, Freddy, Rachele (Ellie) and Dom from Green Cross Pharmacy would all like to thank their patrons and the North End community for being so supportive over the years.

54 Replies to “Green Cross Pharmacy is Closing After 55 Years in Boston’s North End

  1. Freddy and Joey went above and beyond, especially for their elderly and/or Italian speaking customers. Truly a loss for the community. Wishing them all the best for the future.

  2. That is some very sad news. Our family has loved going to the Green Cross. Business like them are what make this neighborhood. Thank you

  3. Auguri, so sad to hear that the legacy that started with these sweet men will end. Wishing you all the Best !!!
    Thank you for your services to the Italian community!! It is a very sad day!!!

  4. They gave the Valiants a place to hang out and were great close friend of mine through the years. I hope they plan a great retirement but stay living here. God bless Peppi and Freddie and all

  5. I hope that they are retiring and not closing down because insurance is forcing people to go to cvs,, I have been out of the north end over 35 years but always remember how kind and informative they were when you had to get a prescription filled or if you just felt lousy and needed something over the counter,,every time I come down the north end I always make a point to go in and say hi to them,,just nice guys and gentlemen,,god bless you Pepe and Freddy,,thanks for always being there for the north end community❤️

  6. Sad to see this North End Icon close. Wishing Freddy and Joey all the best in the many years ahead! The Green Cross will be missed by all.

  7. While it’s sad to see them close, they’ve done a lot for the neighborhood (both on and off the record). I hope they can finally sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

  8. Thank you Freddy And Peppino for being there for us and especially for my mother.My questions and worries were always taken care and both of you always made me feel that all would be fine . You choose the right field of work because of how you carced for the community. I wish all the best . Stay healthy and hope to see you soon.

  9. A very sad day..they were so attentive to one’s needs. Their kind and helpful presence will be missed by so many of us who have been patrons for so long. Wishing them all the best for the future. God bless.

  10. So sad to hear Green Cross closings. Many fond memories of Pepsi and Freddy. Happy retirement. God speed
    Marie (Imbergamo) Smith

  11. So sad to hear Green Cross closings. Many fond memories of Pepsi and Freddy. Happy retirement. God speed
    Marie (Imbergamo) Smith

  12. How good these guys were to north end residents was amazing, my mom was a customer there till she passed in 99 and those guys went above and beyond in getting her medications, they cared about the residents,,the dollar was never important,,their dedication to serving was second to none Good Luck gentlemen many of us are grateful to have known you 1st as a friend,,god bless u guys

  13. Wishing them the best in their retirement. Sad to see such a wonderful, caring place close but know they will be remembered as having done so much good for so many in the neighborhood as well as being wonderful people.

  14. So sad to hear you are closing. Fred and Peppi – you guys are the best! You are the core of what living in the North End means to me. You both will be missed! Hopefully you will be enjoying retirement and be around the North End so this isn’t good bye. Good luck in the next stage of your life.

  15. This is terrible news!! One of my favorite businesses in the neighborhood. Freddy (in fact, all the employees) was always so kind and helpful. Green Cross will be sorely missed. So much better than CVS…

  16. Dear Peppi & Freddy,
    You both will be missed , the kindness that you showed to many throughout the years especially my mother! ( me too)
    Enjoy your free time… Thanks for the memories❤️❤️

  17. God bless the Green Cross family for all they have done for their customers and the neighborhood. Most important, I hope they have a healthy and joyful retirement. I’m selfishly thinking of myself, but am supremely grateful for them and their well deserved rest.

  18. ……sending wishes to Mrs. G for a happy retirement. She was an integral part of the warm ambiance and ‘keeping her brothers’ work orderly !

  19. Freddy and Joe you have been the biggest support for the North End People. The two of you always with a smile for every who walked through your door. Your kindness , concern and helpful ways will never be forgotten. I wish you both and Ellie a wonderful retirement. Thank You Maria Prezio

  20. What???? Such sad news. Freddy & Pepi, I wish you both the best in the years to come.
    I will miss your stories about my mother and grandparents and when my siblings were little and I wasn’t born yet and how they lived on Clark Street.
    Thanks for the memories!!

  21. Wishing you the best of health in your retirement.Thank you for your kindness through the years. It truly is an end of a special era.
    God Bless your family
    Grace Brogna

  22. John Andrews (Efstathiou) and I will miss you. You were always so helpful with his meds. Never will we receive that sort of personal attention from a CVS or Walgreens. Thank you so much and enjoy retirement.

  23. So many happy memories of the Green Cross especially when they had a Soda Fountain and these two wonderful men were Pharmacy students and now NE Icons. Bona fortuna.

  24. How sad. I remember when they came to this country as little boys with their beautiful mother & went to live over the store.
    Nicer people you could ever meet. Best wishes to you both.

  25. Will be dearly missed. Retirement is richly deserved and best wishes. You all worked hard for many years. The Green Cross can never be replaced.

  26. This is heartbreaking. I have been going to them for 25 years. They are one of the best things about the North End. Their kindness and service has meant so much to me and I know others. I wish them well but am so so sad.

  27. Thank you for being good friends to my family and for your service to the North End for many years. You will be missed. Wishing you all the best.

  28. Truely,pillars of the North End. Treated customers with care and respect always. Peppi and Freddy enjoy your retirement.

  29. Monika and I wish you all the best in your retirement. Peppi and Freddy and staff provided the friendliest, most caring service. You contributed so much to make the North End the fine neighborhood that it is. The community will greatly miss you.

  30. This is sad news for me. No one can replace the warm and personal service that was provided by the brothers at Green Cross Pharmacy. A special era is ending. Warm wishes to Freddy and his family for a long and happy retirement.And thank you for all your help over the last 20 years.

  31. I was afraid that this would happen someday but expecting it doesn’t make me any less sorry that Green Cross is closing. Sometimes (often!) they were more helpful than the doctors. If he were still here, Mr. Lane would thank them for the care that was given to merchant sailors who fell ill or were injured when they were in the Port of Boston. Be well and enjoy your retirement.

  32. This is truly a loss for the NE…When I lived there for almost 18 years, they were ALWAYS wonderful, helpful, and kind. May God bless them richly with a long, joyful retirement!!! They are 2 outstanding gentlemen….part of an outstanding family. Green Cross was such an integral part of the NE…It will be TRULY missed.

  33. This is sad news for me. No one can replace the warm and personal service that was provided by the brothers at Green Cross Pharmacy. A special era is ending. Warm wishes to Freddy and his family for a long and restful retirement.

  34. A loving and caring family. We are losing a North End institution. And we are losing a wonderful neighbor.

  35. Our hearts our broken. The Green Boys, which I delightfully called them, were never too tired to offer a comforting word or
    soothing advise to any distraught person. Even after putting in long long hours, and always dealing with some cranky people,the two brothers were always available or took time, nor hesitated to offer assistance regardless of whether you were a customer or not.
    We lost a legacy , but they will be able to enjoy a well-deserved restful retirement. A much, much needed rest.
    We love and will miss them as I am sure they will miss us too.
    Thank you and best wishes Fernando and Joseph and to all your family for the respect and kindness you always showed us.
    How are we going to do without you? Pray for us.

  36. Thank you for all you’ve done for my family over the years. You will be truly missed. We wish you many, many years of health and happiness. Hanover St. will never be the same. Again thank you for taking such good care of us. A well deserved retirement.

  37. I join all those who express sadness for the closing but best wishes for joy in retirement. And I ask, Isn’t there someone out there who could continue a beloved local business with beloved local people?

    1. I just don’t think they can be replaced, as much as I would like to see. the familiar faces again. I wonder if you could find the work ethic anymore. They worked hard for long hours. That is just a superficial view. The realities of the pharmacy business are difficult. They deal with very expensive product that requires exacting knowledge. No room for error, plus it’s a people business where on occasion you’re dealing with some real beauts. Worst of all the product supply is expensive and they are forced to deal with insurance companies that are constsntly seeking to hold up reimbursement, if not dodge responsibility all together. Insurance companies have to be the sloppiest industry around aside from hospitals. I’ve personally had my trials with them and Freddy was always kind and considerate of my plight. Saddly, I’m afraid that they can’t be replaced and I feel this is the end of an era for one great business in the North End. On the other hand, I hope that their retirement is long and happy.

  38. Jann and I are SO sad to see you go.
    We will miss your deep attention to all of your customers and your everlasting good cheer.
    You will be deeply missed.
    We wish you all the best…you richly deserve it.
    Arthur Little & Jann Leeming

  39. I”m sure Fernando and Peppi would like mention of their helper Dom Campochiaro. He was so happy to work with them.
    He displayed the same manner as they exemplified. He also was caring and helpful too.
    Dom, good luck in your future endeavors. Hope you succeed in whatever path you choose.
    Angelo & Marguerite Buonopane

  40. Oh my!!! There will be a big hole in the North End. Miss you and love you. Hanover says Woof! Bonnie and Paul Tavares.

  41. Wow !! Pepsi and Freddy, OMG ! I grew up on Clark St. my bother and I were in there 24/7 . My Dad hung around outside we hung out there as well later on. The Green Cross was there ever since I could remember. I remember when they had the soda fountain and ice cream. Pepsi was the neighborhood Dr. he bandaged and patched up every kid in the neighborhood and Freddy would fill our prescriptions. I remember their mother and aunt would always be in the store as well. When I was a kid they had a dog a huge Shepard names King as big and scary that he was he loved kids and we all played with him yup an attack dog playing with kids he was a true gentle giant. I remember Pepsi the North End’s best PR man from his Fiat to his scooters and Freddy with the big Cadillac two great and classy guys. It’s a funny thing I was in there last week and had no idea. I was even reminiscing with Freddy. I will miss you all and the store I grew up in. I had many of bangs and bruises repaired there and will never forget the Giangrogorio family

  42. Green Cross Pharmacy ~~ Freddy & Joe ~~ Ellie! You will be greatly missed. in my life going forward.. Your genuine caring, attention and knowledge always brought a light & ease to my heart. Thank you for always taking care of me – I wish you the same intensity of JOY, RELAXATION, TRAVEL and LOVE that you both devoted to the pharmacy. and taking care of all your customers.
    With sadness and with JOY in your retirement ……xoxox edyie

  43. Yes indeed. Ellie was the glue that kept them all happy and bound together. The Green Cross Pharmacy family truly exhibited a family life with much love and devotion to each other.

  44. Freddie and peppi
    I’m sad and happy for you guys you have worked so hard and you truly deserve this retirement
    We wish you well and good health. You watched me grow up right across the street
    You saw me every day I will always remember you may god bless you
    Love. Diana DIppolito Pagliuca. franks sandwich shop

  45. Rachel, let us not forget your faithful devotion and patience and willingness to share your time beside your husband.
    In the War days it was famously said: THEY ALSO SERVE WHO SIT AT HOME AND WAIT! and waited you did!

  46. From the day I moved to theNorth End, over 20 years ago, Freddy, Pepi, Ellie and Dom became part of my life. They helped me more than they know, I’m sure, to become comfortable in my “new neighborhood” and continued to always be ready to help when needed. Since moving to San Diego I can’t express how much I miss not only the North End but especially my local drugstore and the family who welcomed me there. I hope everyone enjoys their upcoming leisure time – and the baby.

  47. What can I say Freddy and Pepi will be greatly missed, 2 gentlemen that were truly caring and understanding men.
    never to busy to help you out! I will never forget the kindness they showed me and my son. Enjoy your retirement with good health ! Start a new adventure with your lovely wife Ellie and your grandson! My God Bless you all with a long and happy retirement!

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