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North End Printing Building Shuts Down

June 30th was the last day of operations at the North End Printing Building on the corner of Richmond & North Streets.

The Globe highlights the last day of operations, after 113 years, at the City of Boston Printing Department Building on the corner of North & Richmond Streets.

“A budget crunch has pushed Boston out of the printing business, prompting the city to outsource the production of everything from business cards to death certificates to temporary “no parking’’ signs. The move, city officials say, will save an estimated $800,000 next fiscal year and $1 million annually going forward.”

The fate of the building site remains in question with an assessed value of $3.4 million. Public school advocates have it on a list of potential sites to complement the Eliot School. The North Bennet Street School is also considering the site for its own expansion. And as always, there is speculation the City might sell the building to a developer for apartments or condominiums.

*Note: The City’s printing operation is not affiliated with the North End Press on Prince Street which remains open, home of the Post-Gazette newspaper.