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Reader Poll: Should Chase Bank Move Into the Corner of Cross and Salem Streets?

A proposal for a Chase Bank at the corner of Cross Street and Salem Street, former location of Peet’s Coffee and Goody Glover’s before that, was presented to both the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council and North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association at their February meetings.

The bank would be a change of use from a restaurant to a bank location, along with a possible ATM. Chase is also considering a sit-down area on the patio that would be for public use, similar to the benches and tables on the Greenway.

Proponents argue Chase can provide stability at this corner that has seen frequent turnover due to ownership changes and subsequent rent increases. Indeed, representatives from the bank emphasized they would commit to a 10-year-lease. On the other hand, opponents continue to argue for a local business at this corner, often referred to as part of the “Gateway to the North End.” They want to see a business that emphasizes the culture and history of the neighborhood.

What do you think? Should Chase Bank move into the corner location at Cross and Salem Streets? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

Note: The conditional use changes from a restaurant to a bank location, along with a possible ATM, would require zoning board of appeals approval. Chase has not yet filed with the Inspectional Services Department (ISD).

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21 Replies to “Reader Poll: Should Chase Bank Move Into the Corner of Cross and Salem Streets?

  1. I think if they can afford the rent and are compliant in terms of code, legal and zoning…..then let them move in!

    I’m tired of north end residents thinking that they get to pick and choose who will move in……there is no store selling trinkets and souvenirs that is coming along willing to pay $10,000+ a month in rent.

  2. Being realistic, there are probably few local business who could afford the rent there. A bank in that location would be far better than the constant turnover and an empty store front.

  3. I don’t understand why the neighborhood thinks it gets to decide who goes there. The Martignetti plaza has been empty for years. Homeless set up in the alcoves. The local outlets haven’t worked.

    1. We have enough of our own local banks. They sit right on Hanover Street, the heart of the North End, where locals, tourists and business people patronize our restaurants, souvenir shops, bakeries, and specialty produce stores.
      No need for other banks. This location Chase bank desires will allow visitors to do their transactions and turn around and leave.
      Which means less traffic for our North End establishments. Which also means less customers. True neighbors, awake!!

      1. You’re right, it would be much better if the space sits empty. Or perhaps another business can have a failing run on Cross Street.

      2. So what should go there? The actual residents of this neighborhood need another touristy Italian restaurant like they need holes in their heads. You have an exceedingly amount for sympathy for the businesses that cater to tourists.

      3. This doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how many banks we already have. It’s private property. I think the self interest motivated but starbucks and supported by the Mayor is laid bare. Totally hypocritical.

        I’d love a Mexican restaurant. But unless I bankroll it, I don’t have the right to demand it. So bizarre.

  4. To borrow from a tune ” you can’t always get what you want” Chase Bank would not be in my top 10 choices of the business that I would choose to occupy this property, but they are better than having a scenario of one business after another folding up which has been the case for years. Chase is a more attractive option than an empty store front.

  5. Every Resident in that area should be thrilled a Bank is going in, rather than another restaurant. If it comes down to a Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Bar, or a Bank, give me the Bank. No Drunks, No Screaming & Yelling, No Vomiting & No Urinating on our streets is a Big Plus. Let me get one thing very clear, this is not the case for all restaurants, but it is a safe choice. My opinion & I am not looking for anyone to agree or disagree.

    1. Add to that bankers hours of operation and lots of holidays. It will be like no body’s there. Should smell better unless some drunk comes along and tries use the entry as a urinal. Not like I haven’t seen that act (not Me mind you).

  6. Joan of Arc. Has something transpired that prompts you to sound off in this manner? You are voicing many others opinions so no one is going to agree or disagree. Of course your opinion matters.
    Just a happy note from my son in Las Vegas:
    Have a good day unless you made other plans!

  7. Where are the concerned residents who called all the news stations and made videos and showed up at the community meeting screaming and yelling about Starbucks now? I thought that they didn’t want chains in the neighborhood and that it should be something Italian blah blah blah. It seems that now that it is a bank and not something that could effect their pockets they no longer care for the neighborhood!

    1. Might have seen the reality of vacancy signs making the neighborhood seem undesirable. I don’t think neighborhhod businesses need worry about losing their regulars to Starbucks unless they hadn’t bothered to cultivate a local business clientele themselves. Plenty of busnesses seem to have survived the Starbucks on Atlantic Ave. I felt that Starbucks was more likely to cannibalize themselves than the local business. But then again, I don’t own their stock or give a hoot about what Howard Shultz says.

  8. As a tourist in Italy getting my money changed into euros was hard,,,some local banks did not have the euros,,I had to go back the next day after 2 to get my money,, there were a few biggger banks which I had no problem getting euros,,and some atm machines would convert,,, many tourist come to the north end and they are not all American,, having chase there will help convert the money and more money will be spent in the north end,people are saying we already hav3 banks,, yes but those banks are more personal and not a corporation,,,that can get certain things done ,,maybe they can put pictures of the north end in the bank make it neighborly,, not gaudy ,,

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