A Month of Love at Christopher Columbus Park

Join The Friends of Christopher Columbus Park (FOCCP) at the park’s well-known trellis for A Month of Love this February!

In addition to Valentine-themed decorations, FOCCP will be hosting a “Valentines in the Park” photo contest. Visitors are encouraged to post their favorite photos capturing the spirit of Valentine’s Day in Columbus Park on Instagram using the hashtag #FOCCP. One winner will receive four tickets to the FOCCP Sunset Cruise in August!

Contest rules: Entries will be received from February 1 through midnight on February 28. A random drawing will occur on March 1 and the winner will be notified through Instagram.

7 Replies to “A Month of Love at Christopher Columbus Park

  1. Heart Decorations on the trellis are really tacky. Lots of wedding pics are taken there. Poor brides!

  2. No Necco Sweathearts this year since they went down. My mother used to load a candy dish with them each St. Valentines Day. I associate holdays with candies.

  3. Valentine’s Day Tunnel of Love at the Christopher Columbus Park Trellis is great fun! Looking forward to it!

  4. Dear Neighbor,
    Sounds like you’re suffering from the January blues. Hoping the condition lifts soon and isn’t a lasting problem.
    Thank you for noticing that lots of wedding and proposal pictures are taken under the trellis. Romance is a wonderful thing. We’re hoping to see them and post them on our Facebook page more often.

  5. IF decorations are going to continue to be added to CCP, a designer should be used to ensure the decorations are tasteful and add to the ambiance of the park. Slapping large fake hearts in a natural park setting is tacky.

  6. Dear Neighbor,
    Donations and sponsorship of special projects are welcomed. They make a world of difference.
    Would you care to help?
    Thank ya !

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