Join The Friends of Christopher Columbus Park (FOCCP) at the park’s well-known trellis for A Month of Love this February!

In addition to Valentine-themed decorations, FOCCP will be hosting a “Valentines in the Park” photo contest. Visitors are encouraged to post their favorite photos capturing the spirit of Valentine’s Day in Columbus Park on Instagram using the hashtag #FOCCP. One winner will receive four tickets to the FOCCP Sunset Cruise in August!

Contest rules: Entries will be received from February 1 through midnight on February 28. A random drawing will occur on March 1 and the winner will be notified through Instagram.

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  1. No Necco Sweathearts this year since they went down. My mother used to load a candy dish with them each St. Valentines Day. I associate holdays with candies.

  2. Dear Neighbor,
    Sounds like you’re suffering from the January blues. Hoping the condition lifts soon and isn’t a lasting problem.
    Thank you for noticing that lots of wedding and proposal pictures are taken under the trellis. Romance is a wonderful thing. We’re hoping to see them and post them on our Facebook page more often.

  3. IF decorations are going to continue to be added to CCP, a designer should be used to ensure the decorations are tasteful and add to the ambiance of the park. Slapping large fake hearts in a natural park setting is tacky.

  4. Dear Neighbor,
    Donations and sponsorship of special projects are welcomed. They make a world of difference.
    Would you care to help?
    Thank ya !

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