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Pilgrims Come to the Library

The Friends of the North End Library hosted the local music ensemble, Seven Times Salt, who presented in music and narration the Pilgrims’ journey from England to Holland and then to the New World in Plymouth.

Seven Times Salt.

The performance consisted of a quartet who performed with authentically reproduced instruments exactly like the ones used in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The instruments used by the Pilgrim performers included recorders, flute, bagpipes, baroque violin, lute, and bass viol.

The ensemble started with the narration of their tale of woe with their exile in Holland and then their decision to go to the New World based upon their understanding that God wanted them to settle in the New World.  The group’s music consisted of songs which were actually played by the Pilgrims in their different locations. This included music as varied as their reasons for coming to the New World in 1620 as well as solemn English psalms, humorous rounds, ballads, Dutch songs, and rousing dance tunes.

Audience at the North End Library for Seven Times Salt.

The performance was entertaining, inspirational and educational as evidenced by the standing ovation from the audience. During the question and answer period, the audience learned more about the types of period music and also about the musical instruments used by this talented group.

Sponsored by Friends Of The North End Library with a generous donation from the Citywide Friends of the BPL. For more information about the Friends of the NE Library, please email: or go to our website: