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Public Safety Meeting Report: Six Arrests, Break-Ins at Local Businesses, Taxi Robbery, Package Thefts

Boston Police District A-1 provided North End / Waterfront residents an update on recent neighborhood crime incidents, summarized below, at the December 2018 North End Public Safety Meeting.

Robberies (1)
– 11/26/18 at 2 p.m. (Hanover Street): Taxi driver reports he picked up a fare in New Bedford and drove him to Hanover Street. At this time, the male suspect (white, 5’8″, in his 50s) placed a hard object against his side, robbed the taxi driver of $200 and fled on foot. Suspect was caught on video cashing a check  inside a Hanover Street bank that he frequented, and was positively identified by the victim. Suspect to be charged in Boston Municipal court, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Aggravated Assaults (3)
– Battery Street: Domestic violence incident resulting in arrest of suspect for assault and battery. [2 Incidents]

– 307 Hanover Street: Delivery driver and employee of a business got into a fight. Suspect pulled a knife on the victim, resulting in his arrest for assault and battery.

Breaking & Entering – Commercial (2)
– Between 11/7/18 at 6 p.m. and 11/8/18 at 11:30 a.m. (Prince Street): Prince Street boutique reports a burglary to the store. The owner stated a leather jacket was taken from a window display, and $100 was stolen from a lock box. No sign of forced entry. Detectives to review video.

– Between 11/10/18 at 5:30 p.m. and 11/12/18 at 9:05 a.m. (Salem Street): Salem Street hair salon reports an unknown person broke into the building. A rear second-floor door was found open, and $32 was removed from the cash drawer.  No other property was reported missing. Detectives to follow-up.

Larceny (3)
– 11/5/18 between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. (St. Leonard’s Church): Money (a few hundred dollars) was reported stolen from the collection box.

– 11/17/18 (North Margin Street): Victim reports that a clothing package delivered to her North Margin Street residence had been stolen. Video footage shows a male suspect stealing the package from the front of the building. Detectives to follow-up.

– 11/27/18 between 1 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. (Salem Street): Victim reports packages delivered to her Salem Street residence had been stolen. The stolen items included computer parts and candles.

Larceny from Motor Vehicle (1)
– Between 11/14/18 and 11/20/18 (North Margin Street): Missing items included the car’s registration and business cards.

*Arrests (6)*
– Aggravated Assault & Battery (3): The aforementioned aggravated assaults.

– Assault & Battery 209A (2) 11/9/18 (Commercial Street): Domestic violence incident.

– Disorderly (1) North Margin Street: Resident called her family to report a male suspect was up on a ladder, looking into a window in her apartment (12 feet above street-level). Suspect claimed he was smoking a cigarette. He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

David Marx hosts the monthly Public Safety meeting with Boston Police District A-1. North End Public Safety Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month, 6:00 p.m. at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. All are welcome to attend and bring their questions. See the Community Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

4 Replies to “Public Safety Meeting Report: Six Arrests, Break-Ins at Local Businesses, Taxi Robbery, Package Thefts

  1. Retail theft and organized retail crime and heists are becoming so common in Boston that I felt Cartier was like TSA. I got an education on smash and grabs and such when I talked to my local shop owner friends in the Beacon Hill area later that day. Boston is experiencing crime of new stripes and sorts. On the North Margin Street case, I’d love to know the real story. It’s pretty hard not to look in a window when you’re up on a ladder. It’s an easy accusation to make. If he was a worker, I would wonder as to her claim. Disorderly conduct sounds like she was buggin’, and they had to pick a minor charge to get her off their backs. Plus who calls the cops? Sock one to him with a glass of water. Again, not sure of the story, but there is usually a reason for being on a ladder. It would likely be a more serious charge if he didn’t have a reason to be on it. So I wonder. I always wish there was more detail on these blotters. Yesterday, a gal popped out of a door at one of the RISD buildings. She literally ended up right in front of me by inches. Not realizing it, she looked back, gave me a look like I was a freak, and sped up risking a fast street crossing. I was incredulous. There are a lot of troublemakers out there these days, and so many people are primed for offense. I did for one nanosecond have visions of anyone getting the wrong idea. Luckily, we all know what side of the sidewalk I walk on, and there are cameras at these doors. Add this — Even just a decade ago, I would have said something about “watching where you pop onto the sidewalk,” in an avuncular way, but I also feared speaking. Today’s world is a very dangerous place for the innocent even. Also, these kids today have no respect. Today, I watched a Brown student, also female, walk right into a businessman from around a corner. He stopped short in disbelief. She gave a look like he got in her way. No respect. Primed for offense. It’s a minefield out there. Socially, so ‘you never know’ with this ladder story. Would love to learn more. I hope you’re doing well David. Merry Festivussnesses.

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