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Two Arrested for Package Theft and Break-ins; Public Safety Meeting Report

[responsive_youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4qfCNVDL_k]
Video: North End Public Safety Meeting, May 1, 2014 at the Nazzaro Center

In the first North End Public Safety Meeting with the new District A-1 Captain Kenneth Fong and Sgt. James Chin, Boston Police updated residents on several recent incidents around the neighborhood. Also at the meeting were Lt. Det. Chuck Wilson and Officer Teddy Boyle as were elected officials City Councilor Sal LaMattina and State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz.

In the last 30 days of crime statistics, police focused on 7 breaking & entering reports, up from 2 last year at this time. Four of the break-ins were in a multi-unit property at 299 North Street.

Arrested on Thursday (May 1st) afternoon were two North End young males, caught on Parmenter Street and believed to be responsible for stealing packages as well as the breaking & entering incidents on North Street. Lt. Det. Chuck Wilson reported on the case saying that because they had goods in possession, the arrest will likely “stick.” One suspect has a prior record and the other was recently in jail.

Other issues discussed at the meeting include:

  • A robbery was reported on that was part of a drug deal on Commercial Street.
  • Brothers from the St. Christopher Friary on N. Bennet St. raised concerns regarding noise and drinking in the Nazzaro Center / Polcari Playground parking lot and basketball court.
  • Questions were raised about police details at late night restaurants and clubs.
  • Groups of kids drinking at Sargent’s Wharf, resident asks for more patrols.
  • Grafitti was reported on Endicott Street with the word “RICO.”
  • Rooftop and fire escape access.

Crime statistics for the last 30 days in the North End / Waterfront are shown below in the BPD handout from the meeting:


10 Replies to “Two Arrested for Package Theft and Break-ins; Public Safety Meeting Report

  1. Good question. Especially since the young man who was mistakenly identified as the person who had attacked a woman late at night on Valentine’s Day had his name, picture of him being arrested, and full address (until the street number was later redacted) published. Has the policy on what is published since changed?

    1. The names were not disclosed by the police and usually are not as part of these regular public safety meetings (watch the video). In the previous case you mentioned, the names were published as part of a public court record (and press release) from the DA’s office.

  2. Matt might not have had the information at the time this posted, but for those interested:

    Public Record Requests and CORI, SPR Bulletin 3-03. “There is little doubt that MOST police records are public records and must be available to anyone upon request.”


    Feel free to head down to the police station and find out who was arrested. 🙂

  3. Why must the people’s names be posted? People in this neighborhood care too much about what goes on in others people’s lives.. I’m sure these are 2 scum but that doesn’t mean people should go around on websites and embarrass them.

    1. Um, because the two punks were caught red handed stealing other peoples property. Not to mention that if it was mail, it is a federal offense. I want names and faces of these two criminals.

  4. Mike. it sounds like your question is directed at me so let me respond.The new site is not a social network site it’s a news outlet/ newspaper.The site publishes events,stories and issues and incidents that predominately effect the N.E. and its residents.I could care less about what people do in their private life as long as their not breaking the law.Breaking and entering in homes and apartments are serious crimes and have the potential of a resident being hurt or worse.There have been other stories about people who have been charged with crimes before and who have been named.The public safety meeting cops noted that the pair charged were “two North End young males” So I assume that means that they live in the neighborhood and maybe some people will put to rest the myth that all the people committing crimes here are “outsiders” .

  5. There not outsiders I know exactly who they and there scum but that doesn’t mean there families should be embarrassed by having their names posted on sites…. I’m not related to them, and as a matter of fact I dislike them both but posting their names on here doesn’t provide anything positive.. Just causes more trouble from people who talk about others from behind a computer.

  6. Mike. I respect your opposite opinion buy these two thieves made the choice of embarrassing their families when they decided to break in peoples places and steal package deliveries..As always my concern and compassion are for the victims of crimes not the criminals. I’m quite sure that landlords would like to know if these two are their tenants and most residents would like to know if they live in their building or are their neighbors.Their just low lifes who don’t deserve to hide in anonymity.

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