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Residential Construction Moving Forward at “Hanover Hole”

Construction found at 244 Hanover Street. Photo taken in August 2018.

For over a decade, there has been a large gap at 244 Hanover Street between Spagnuolo’s and Ristorante Fiore. Though it has been repeatedly designated for development, projects kept falling through at the location in the center of Boston’s North End. Finally, it seems, a permanent development is taking place.

Panther Residential is well underway with construction toward 16 new units and an underground garage to fill the space. However, neither the design details nor floor plans have been made available despite repeated attempts to make contact with the developer.

244 Hanover Street design presented in 2013.

Five years ago, a modern design was presented by a developer named Silverline Development Company. It is not clear whether those plans have changed. At the time, the Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) supported the proposal while the Residents Association (NEWRA) opposed it. In May of 2013, NEWRA sent two letters in opposition to the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and Boston Board of Appeals.

The new banner by Panther Residential Management on the front of the construction fence lists 28 new luxury apartments, although 12 of those likely include the finished project at 20 Parmenter Street called “Teatro.”

The two companies involved in the project at 244 Hanover

The developer has created a website for the new building, although there is little information available about the units. Here’s a quote from the website describing the units to be found at 244 Hanover Street.

Situated in downtown Boston, MA, our apartments have everything you are looking for to make your life easier and more beautiful. Whether you want a 1 & 2 bedroom apartment, all of our floor plans include elegant finishes and essential appliances. Wood-plank vinyl flooring, upgraded fixtures, and a new LED lighting package make your home shine at every turn. Stainless-steel appliances, granite countertops, and custom cabinetry are some of the features that will make the kitchen the heart of your new home. Delight guests with exquisite meals or make your everyday breakfast in a beautiful and easy-to-clean kitchen.

From Panther Residential Management.

The new development is connected with 20 Parmenter Street, called “Teatro.” That part of the project is largely completed with an entrance on Parmenter Street. It is anticipated that both buildings will have access to the garage found beneath 244 Hanover Street, including 25 spaces.

There was no response to our efforts to contact Panther Residential Management and the architects at Choo & Company.

Photo taken from Google Street View. This photo, from 2014, shows a different developer than the current one.

5 Replies to “Residential Construction Moving Forward at “Hanover Hole”

  1. It’s actually closer to two decades , when the first non-developing developer bought the VFW building on Hanover St and tore it down. At the rate construction is going, we’ll first have a supermarket at North Station/Garden, although I wouldn’t bet on that.

  2. Looking at the picture, there going to slam all these units into a building no wider than a truck cab? Looks like a bunch of Ikea apartments..

    1. Just like the apartments in the new “Chrysanthemum Building” on Salem. Way too small, and I’m sure the developer will be asking outlandish prices.

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