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Storm Surge From Nor’Easter Riley Floods Boston’s Waterfront at High Tide [Photos]

High tide hit around 11:15 a.m. Friday morning with a near record storm surge from Nor’Eater Rlley causing dramatic flooding on Boston’s waterfront. It was the second massive storm in just as many months after the January 4th snowstorm. Shown here are photos from the flooding impact along the North End waterfront toward Long Wharf and Atlantic Avenue. The tide came in quickly as even the Channel 5 news truck became stranded and needed a tow. Aquarium T station closed, Christopher Columbus Park was inundated and Sargent’s Wharf appeared to take another big hit with stranded cars.

Photos by Matt Conti.

Friday’s high tide peaked between 11:12 and 11:15 a.m. slightly below that seen on January 4th according to NOAA’s preliminary figures. While the tide was close to the “100 year storm” it did not quite hit that level.

At the Commercial Street baseball fields, Puopolo and Langone Parks, the Harborwalk was flooded as shown in these photos by Brendan O’Brien.

Photos from the Long Wharf area, by Erik Lund:

More photos from the North End Wharfs by Dr. Joseph Mendola:

Photos of Sargent’s, Lewis and Commercial Wharves flooding:

From the Rising Seas Rally in East Boston:

More photos here.


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7 Replies to “Storm Surge From Nor’Easter Riley Floods Boston’s Waterfront at High Tide [Photos]

  1. I noticed that the state was pumping lots of water out of the Charles River just before the storm, probably to lower the water so Storrow Drive wouldn’t flood. Maybe that contributed to the flooding at Langone & Puopolo parks.

  2. The Seaport is such a Beautiful Area, but for the kind of money they are getting for Condos & Apts. one would
    have to consider owning a Boat vs. a Car. I would think so many people felt Trapped, not being able to
    get out of the area, whether it be to go to a job or just wanting to go shopping, etc. Frightening.

  3. Some jobs a person has to get his hands dirty~~~~in your case, you had to get your hands WET !!!

    Fabulous photos !!!

    How could I send them to let my son see them ??

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