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A Waterfront Pasqua at il Molo

On April 1, il Molo in Boston’s North End will host a “Pasqua” – Easter, in Italian – that is steeped in tradition. In addition to dishing out il Molo’s signature menu of coastal Italian cuisine, Chef Pino Maffeo will feature a collection of comfort-laced specialties that echo classic dishes seen on Easter Sunday in Italy. For primi courses, there is Tortellini & Spinach Brodo ($9); an Antipasto of prosciutto, soppressata, dried Italian sausage, pickled eggplant, grilled zucchini and aged Italian cheeses ($20); Asparagus & Pancetta with a soft-poached Easter egg, drizzled with truffle vinaigrette ($15); and, Beet Salad with ricotta salata, bread crisps and a red wine vinaigrette. Moving onto secondi menu features, options are fourfold: Veal Milanese with arugula and shaved parmigiano salad ($27); Grilled Lamb Chops with olive oil-roasted potatoes and lamb jus ($mkt); Herb Grilled Branzino with French green beans lemons, lemon and extra virgin olive oil ($29); and, Lasagna, a Frattaroli tradition with veal, ricotta, fresh Easter eggs and sugo di Pomodoro ($23. And because no Easter is complete without the perfect dose of sweet, dolce options include Torta di Ricotta ($10) and Easter Chocolate Tiramisu ($10).