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New Greenway Gardens in North End Presented at Neighborhood Council Meeting

New permanent, 4-season gardens, in honor of Carolyn Lynch, will be created on the southern Greenway North End Park (Parcel 10) in a similar fashion to those shown here at the northern park (Parcel 8). Replacing the boxwood beds, the new dedicated gardens are part of a $1.4 million gift from The Lynch Foundation. (NEWF Image)

Jesse Brackenbury, Executive Director, Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy presented plans for the recently announced reconstruction of the gardens on the south side of Hanover Street (also known as Parcel 10), across from the Haymarket Hotel site. This project follows 2015 improvements on the northern side (Parcel 8). The gardens on the southern side are twice as large as the northern beds. The discussion was held at the February 12th meeting of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC).

(1:26) A major gift from the Lynch Foundation will fund the reconstruction of the gardens on the southern side of Hanover Street.

(2:51) In addition to the gardens, they will be adding some pedestrian lighting under the benches in this area.

(3:41) Some furniture, tables and chairs will be added along with some planters to provide shade.

(4:37) The cost will be about $500,000. They are currently evaluating bids from contractors to determine who will do the project.

(5:04) The project will start around mid-March with the goal of having the garden completed by the Fourth of July.

(5:33) It’s a 1.4 million dollar gift – the endowment is about half and the design and construction will be the other half.

(6:28) This is the third biggest gift the Greenway Conservancy has ever received.

(7:05) The swinging benches had to be removed and reengineered. They will likely be back this spring.

(8:23) There used to be a nice tree in the southern gardens that was hit by lightning a year ago. The Greenway Conservancy replanted this tree, but it is a smaller sampling. This garden construction will add umbrellas and planters for shade.

Greenway gardens on northern side of Hanover Street (Parcel 8). Similar to this style, new gardens will be created on the southern side of Hanover Street (Parcel 10). The dedicated gardens are part of a $1.4 million gift from The Lynch Foundation. (NEWF Image)


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