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Four Burglaries, Three Assaults Reported at Public Safety Meeting

BPD - Boston Police Department Badge LogoNEWNC’s David Marx, Captain O’Rourke & Office Boyle at the July 1st Public Safety Meeting.The North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council’s (NEWNC) David Marx chaired the July 1st Public Safety Committee meeting with Boston Police Captain Bernard O’Rourke and Officer Teddy Boyle. There have been no reports of homocides and sexual assaults in recent months. However, police reports show three aggravated assaults and four burglaries in the last month. There were no stolen cars and only four auto break-ins which is down significantly. The police issued 419 parking tickets in June 2010.

High Speed Chase Leads to Arrest – At 2:30 am on June 23rd, a police car downtown saw a BMW going 60 mph in a 30 mph zone on Congress Street. The car radioed in the sighting as the car ran three red lights near Milk & Franklin Streets. Eventually, the car made it to Cross Street and turned on Hanover Street where it was seen speeding at 70 mph. The car was followed to an alley on Greenough Lane where it was found empty. A female and male were seen hiding in the alley and arrested for trespassing.

Aggravated Assault (June 6th, 2:10 am) – Two males, one from Peabody & the other from Topsfield, were walking near the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Commercial Street. They reported being attacked by six other males who punched them and fled. One victim sustained injuries over his eye. The incident was referred to community affairs because the attackers shouted anti-gay remarks. The police have no suspects.

Domestic Aggravated Assault (June 12th, 5:15 am) – Male punched his girlfriend on Hanover Street. The incident was referred to the domestic violence unit.

Taxi Driver Assault (June 14th, 6:00 am) – At the Fairmont Battery Wharf Hotel, a taxi was called but another cab arrived first and took the fare. The driver of the “called” taxi issued verbal threats and backed up rapidly in a dangerous manner, making this an “assault by means.” The incident was referred to the Hackney Unit.

Two burglaries at 1 Wiget Street (June 20th and June 30th) – This address near Salem Street experienced  two burglaries where either the door was unlocked or the burglar had keys. Electronics where stolen from the residence. Police are investigating.

115 Salem Street Burglary (June 4th) – There were no signs of forced entry, but missing were a camera, laptop and camera lenses.

Thacher Court Burglary (June 6th, 12:30 am – 3:30 am) – This house was “trashed” although there was no sign of forced entry. A window was found unlocked near a fire escape.

6 Hull Street (June 30th, 8am-5pm) – Front door was forced open and a valuable collection of coins was stolen. It appears 2 other apartments were also entered.

Handicap Placards – Police warned of a series of incidents in the city where handicap placards are being stolen from cars. Residents with handicap placards are advised to hide them when not in use.

Resident Ann Pistorio raised the issue of underage drinking on the flights of the Gassy park. Police said they have been informed and will patrol that area.

Trashpickers – Contrary to remarks made the June Clean Streets meeting, Boston Police said they cannot give citations to trashpickers because garbage is considered abandoned property.

There will be no Public Safety meeting in August. The next meeting is scheduled for September 2nd, 6:30 pm at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet St.

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  1. Since Boston ISD say it is a police issue and Captain O’Rourke says it is not, maybe the RI State Police can come to Boston,give them a citation for littering, and then report all the trash pickers to ICE.

  2. As far as the trash pickers are concerned, they make a lot of noise as they are going through the trash at 1:00 am. If it’s called in as a noise disturbance, will the police then do something about it?

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