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Boston Police Respond to Commercial Street Disturbance

Last night Boston Police responded to a disturbance at 427 Commercial Street on Monday night where a man was seen being arrested. Several officers spoke with the man on the sidewalk before he was taken away.

Photos by Andy Finnegan:

More information to follow in an upcoming police blotter.

*All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.*

8 Replies to “Boston Police Respond to Commercial Street Disturbance

  1. At least there is SOME action on the bike lane.

    One good thing, it will be a long time before it needs to be repaved due to overuse.

  2. All this nonsense about a bicycle lane when drugs and addiction arte a bigger problem. Makes people in the neighborhood appear decrepit and lazy. I really wonder whether this was a case of public intoxication or this guy was doing business there.

  3. Pretty sure it was public intoxication. It seemed as though the coast guard personnel who responded first, and then paramedics, tried giving suspect an opportunity to behave, but he kept yelling. His companion (leftmost woman in first photograph) repeatedly screamed at him to keep quiet, lest he be taken to jail. Some time later, police finally showed up arrested the man.

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