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Tiki Rock Wants to Add Bottle Service

Tiki Rock, located on 2 Broad Street, is looking to add bottle service to their establishment.

The popular restaurant and bar met with the Wharf District Council to discuss their plans. If approved, bottle service would only be allowed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and Sundays during brunch. Due to Boston’s laws, patrons will not be allowed to touch the bottle or serve themselves a drink. Only wait staff will be able to do so. A bottle can be split between three or more people.

“We think this would be a nice addition to the bar,” said attorney Matthew Ecker.

Patrons would only be able to access this service at certain parts of the bar.

Tiki Bar is hoping to add bottle service to their bar.

Boston Police Captain Kenneth Fong was hesitant about the plans.

“Bottle service is traditionally a headache for us,” he said.

He worries that bottle service can often lead to overserving patrons and underage drinking.

Ecker assured the captain and the council that their staff always check IDs no matter how big a party is and is very diligent about not over serving.  

“We are certainly not a club and we are not trying to be,” he said. “We are a restaurant and lounge and we want to stay that way.”

Tiki Rock still needs to file a meeting with the licensing commission to get approved. They wanted to meet with community groups before doing so.

They are hoping to get a letter of approval from the council.

In other news, Fong said crime has been quiet during the last month in the area. They dealt with two robberies and two assault and batteries that were nightlife related.

“It’s been pretty quiet down here,” he said.

The police are currently getting ready for the Boston Bruins to play in the Stanley Cup Finals and the large crowds it brings to bars and the area.