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New Year’s Eve on the Waterfront: Ice Sculpture Stroll [Photos]

One benefit of the cold weather is that the waterfront ice sculptures are still going strong! If you didn’t make it around to the ice sculpture stroll, check out some of our highlights from New Year’s Eve on the Waterfront!

Ice Sculpture Photo Opps

‘Wonder Woman’ vibes at the Battery Wharf Hotel
Massive ice thrown in Faneuil Hall
Fan Pier Mermaids!

Harbor Themed Creations

Lighthouse at Boston Harbor Islands Welcome Center
New England Aquarium’s Blue Lobster
Octopus at International Place
Seaport Place takes the wheel
Boston Pride at Independence Wharf

Local Destinations

Boston Harbor Hotel Sculpture
Big E at Envoy

Welcoming 2018

Courthouse Square’s Happy Peace Sign
Emoji smile in the Seaport Common
Year of the Dog at the Public Market
Intercontinental’s New Year Snowman!