Welcome back to our weekly update that highlights some of the cases appearing on 311 in the North End/Waterfront neighborhoods. All 311 cases are public information and can be found at 311.boston.gov.

North End Rat Problems Continue (Commercial Street)

“Four times in just the last month my car has had rat droppings and rat nesting material on the engine and damage from gnawing wires. I must open the hood and check each time I want to drive it. Today there was a large and aggressive rat on the engine. I have temporarily moved my car out of town until the city gets the rat problem under control. This is a hardship as I am elderly and need a car to get around. When will the city do something about the rats in the North End!!”

The original 311 post can be found here. This case was submitted and opened on December 18th, 2017. As of December 21st, 2017 the case is still open.

Large Pile of Trash Found at North Square

“Why is all this trash in front of the North Square playground? That is unacceptable, It has just been fixed. What a disgrace” (Text Edited)

Large Pile of Trash at North Square

The original 311 post can be found here. This case was submitted and opened on December 18th, 2017. As of December 21st, 2017 the case is still open.

Incorrect “South End” Signage in the North End

“Sign on Commercial Street in the north end of Boston says south end parking only. Have we become part of the south end? This needs to be fixed if not.”

The original 311 post can be found here. This case was submitted and opened on December 20th, 2017. As of December 21st, 2017 The case is still open.

Bike Route on Commercial Street to North Station Not Shoveled

Icy Bike Path behind the North End Skating Rink leading to North Station

“Major patches of ice along the harbor path here, this is designated as the bike route to north station and parts were simply unridable due to the ice. Major fall hazard for pedestrians and bikes. Please work to clean this area up, thanks!”

The original 311 post can be found here. This case was submitted and opened on December 20th, 2017. As of December 21st, 2017 the case is still open.


Remember, to report a claim with 311, you can call 311, go to the 311 websitetweet at 311, or download the app. What do you think about these 311 cases? Follow our “What’s The 311?” tag to see past week’s postings!

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  1. Isn’t the Skating Rink ( and what is behind it) owned by the State (DCR) and not the city of Boston? Why are people using the harbor walk and not the famous bike lanes on Commercial St to get to North Station?

  2. the bike path on Commercial street has 40 tons of salt on it…..by the baseball fields ….horrible …all the cars on that side of Commercial st are rotting from salt , thanks

  3. I know rodents hate the smell of mothballs. Might find an area in the engine compartment away from heated surfaces like manifolds to hide them. if in a garage, these will smellup the whole garage. Spotted other ideas here https://axleaddict.com/auto-repair/Mice-in-Your-Motor. Chicago solved their problem with feral cats. Have a friend who puts out cat food so they will stay around his place.

  4. Who cares about the bike route. The City should be more intetested in taking care of the rat problem and landlords should let their tenants know what days to put trash out. Everyone wants to live the North End but don’t care about following the rules very discusted.

  5. I agree with lifelong resident. The leaders of this city need to start using common sense. They are more intersested in these new sidewalk designs and bike paths. My comments are on 2 different issues. the city is more concerned with the bike lanes than the health of it’s citizens, example, the rodent problem. The North End, Namely Boston has the 2nd most rat sightings in the country. they are a nuisence, but more imortant they are a health issue. The city needs to take the rat issue more seriously. Next. back to the bike lanes. Walking down the greenway, the bike paths are clear but some of the sidewalks are not. WHY? I get that Boston wants to be a green city, but what about the people that live here. Hire an exterminating company. Inspectional services put bait. The rats get immune to it.

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