Event Notices

Letter to Library Friends and Members

Dear Members and Friends:

It is that time of the year again.  The time that we all look forward to with eager anticipation.  The time when we are so happy to pay our dues to The Friends of the North End Branch Library, Inc.

As you know, not only do the Friends run our own programs, such as, author talks, trips, speakers, beautification of the library, holiday parties open to all and fundraisers, we also provide financial support, purchase supplies and furniture and assist with the programs provided by the library. This past year for example, we provided game sets and tables for the mahjongg club, chess sets for the children’s librarian, and lots of candy for Halloween trick or treating.

The best part of paying dues is that they are affordable and are easy to pay, and you will receive our monthly newsletter which is emailed to every member.  Our suggested minimum annual dues are set forth below.  You always have the right to pay more than the minimum!



Single:  $10
Family (2 or more at the same address):  $15
Senior (65 yrs.+):  $5
Student (Enrolled in a school):  $5
Business:  $25


The Friends ask that you consider becoming a supporting member by choosing a supporting membership at one of the following levels. All funds collected go to the support of the North End Branch Library.

Authors Society: $25
Editors Circle:  $50
Publishers Club:  $100
If you really like to read, any amount over $100 would be gratefully received.

Write a check and mail to:
payable to: “Friends of the North End Branch Library”
P.O. Box 130197
Boston, MA  02113
(or give it to the front desk at the library)

Pay with a Credit Card / PayPal using the form on our website:

If you have any questions, please send an email to info@friendsnelibrary.org, or for more information, please go to our website. www.friendsnelibrary.org.

Again, thank you for assisting us in improving our library.