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Have you Noticed Graffiti on Hanover Street?

Graffiti on the top of 347 Hanover Street

On some of the rooftops of buildings on Hanover Street, graffiti has been sprayed with various different tags. The graffiti has been on the tops of these buildings for some time, however other tags are still relatively new. If you look on google maps, as of when this article was written, you can see the spray paint on 230 Hanover Street. This means it has been there since at least October 2016.

It is unknown how the spray-painters got onto the roofs of these buildings. These instances of graffiti on Hanover Street are impressive regarding the danger involved, but are intrusive to the buildings and the neighborhood nonetheless.

Looking between Spagnuolo’s and Fiore while standing in front of Caffé Paradiso, you can see two graffiti tags on the corner of a residential building.

Are there any instances of graffiti on Hanover Street that we missed? What do you think about the graffiti on the tops of these buildings and in other places throughout the North End? Follow the Graffiti tag to see other acts of vandalism that have occurred and the cleanup involved. To report illegal graffiti, head to 311 Boston or call 311.

Graffiti on the side of 230 Hanover Street.
A closer look at the graffiti on the side of 230 Hanover Street
A closer look above 218 Hanover Street
Graffiti above 218 Hanover Street.


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One Reply to “Have you Noticed Graffiti on Hanover Street?

  1. There have been 5 tags (graffiti) on the second block of Fulton St. Three of the tags were across the street from the Fisherman’s Club clubhouse. They were done on the side of a building, in a little parking lot that is used by Austonia. The club has a surveillance camera above the club house door, which should be able to pick this person up.
    It’s something I don’t understand. Is it tags by a gang? I was over in the West End at Benton lock and Friend St. is covered with graffiti. It surely seems as though it has ramped up in the last 2 years.
    So unfortunate because I think it would be difficult to catch the people that are doing it. I’m all for more surveillance cameras. We want to install some at our building on North St.
    Chelsea has high-def cameras all over the town. It is very easy to identify culprits. Wish we had high-def in our neighborhood, if we did, we’d probably have been able to catch some of these punks.

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