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Reader Poll: Was the Hanover Street Repaving Worth It?

Hanover Street, one of the busiest streets in the North End, has been full of potholes and uneven patch jobs for several years. As a result, Boston Public Works Department had crews working overnight the end of May through the first week of June to have the road milled and resurfaced.

During the work there were many complaints about overnight noise when residents were trying to sleep. One 311 complaint received the response that Public Works has been trying to pave Hanover Street for five years and that, because of all the businesses and traffic, it would take well over a month if the project were done during the day.

Now that it’s over and Hanover Street is freshly paved, was it worth it? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

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10 Replies to “Reader Poll: Was the Hanover Street Repaving Worth It?

  1. This poll is a no-brainer. Sure some people are going to —- & moan and whine about the noise but as someone posted we lived and survived the big dog. This project was well worth it. 👍

      1. Agreed! Cars are now zooming up & down Hanover street with no regard for foot traffic because there are no marked crosswalks, and it’s become much more dangerous to cross on foot.

  2. Worth it- till they rip it up next year for some project that should have been done before they paved the road.

  3. We agree with Ner.
    All too often, BPW or a utility company follows in the path of a newly paved street.
    They tear it up. They patch it, but it is not the same seamless pavement. What’s to be done?
    Seems like a waste of our tax dollars and poor management.

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