I Love Boston Sports Re-releases ‘The Last Laugh’ and ‘Crossing the Charles’ for Limited Edition Runs

BOSTON, MASS. (August 21, 2017)— I Love Boston Sports (ILBS), the Boston-based creative force behind the most recognizable and distinctive Boston-inspired sports art on the market, is re-releasing remastered versions of two of their best sellers – ‘The Last Laugh’ and ‘Crossing the Charles.’

The Crossing the Charles is the most popular piece in a series of art celebrating the rich history of New England sports.  While it may seem like a simple parody of George Washington Crossing the Delaware, Crossing the Charles is layered with hidden references to the many championships this region has seen since 2001 with Bill Belichick leading the way.

“Our artwork does well throughout the entire year, but the demand for our two most popular pieces celebrating our New England football team reached a new milestone as the first pre-season game drew near. People are officially stricken with football fever” said CEO and Creative Director, Mahlon Williams. “The beauty of our artwork is that it draws an audience based on the quality of the art alone, but once word starts to travel that here are hidden things buried in each of our pieces of art, sales explode. The funny thing is, we initially didn’t tell anyone about these hidden things but that has been the single most popular driver of sales. The first thing most people do is try to decipher the most obscure item in the image and then search for its meaning. It’s actually become a game that we play with fans of our art work. I challenge anyone to find the 9 hidden trophies across all sports in the Crossing the Charles. To date, only 4 people have been able to find all 9 without help; one of which was an 11 year old diehard!”

“The Last Laugh” and “Crossing the Charles” are currently available on print, banners and apparel at or at any of their four locations including the Prudential Center, Faneuil Hall, South Shore Plaza and Square One Mall.

About I Love Boston Sports

I Love Boston Sports is the creative force behind unique artwork featuring Boston sports teams and historical moments in Boston history.   They offer a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art for Boston sports fans home, man-cave, or office. I Love Boston Sports has four sports art gallery locations including South Shore Plaza in Braintree, Square One Mall in Saugus, Faneuil Hall Marketplace and the Prudential Center both located in downtown Boston. For additional information on the entire I Love Boston Sports collection, please visit