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North End Electric, Water, Sewer & Pavement Repairs Continue

The City of Boston hosted a Construction Update Meeting in the gym of the Nazzaro Center on June 15th. It was a rather low turnout so we are featuring each of the poster sessions in a series of updates here on with information from various city departments. View more construction posts.


Eversource Energy has three upcoming projects in the North End community. The work is necessary in order to upgrade the electrical infrastructure for new customers at the following locations. Work will not begin until permits are received from the City of Boston.

  • 85 Salem Street – Excavation permit needed
  • 126 Salem Street – Occupancy permit needed
  • 244 Hanover Street – Occupancy permit needed

Boston Public Works Department – North End Fiscal Year 2018 Pavement Repairs

Red Line – Reconstruction Yellow Line – Resurfacing and Pedestrian Ramp Repairs Blue Dot – Ramp and Sidewalk Repairs

Streets to be repaired:

  • Hanover Street from Cross Street to Commercial Street
  • Lafayette Ave from Prince Street to Endicott Street
  • North Street from Clark Street to Commercial Street
  • North Square from Prince Street to Moon Street
  • Recent North End Construction:

Since 2014, within the North End, the City has repaired:

  • 33 Pedestrian Ramps
  • 23.4K Square Feet of Sidewalks
  • 0.4 Miles of Repaved Roadways


Boston Water & Sewer – Water and Sewerage Works Improvement Project – Phase 2

Work Completed in May 2017:

  • Hanover Avenue – 146 feet of 12 inch PVC Sewer installed and 144 feet of 8 inch DICL Water installed.
  • Hull Street – 105 feet of 15 inch PVC Sewer installed, temporary paving completed.
  • Richmond Street – Bypass Water installed and 88 feet of 8 inch DICL Water installed.
  • Snow Hill Street – Bypass Water being installed

Upcoming Work in June 2017:

  • Hanover Avenue – Continue Water and Sewer installation.
  • Richmond Street – Continue Water Main installation.
  • Snow Hill Street – Begin Water Main Installation.


  • Hanover Avenue – one month
  • Richmond Street – three months
  • Snow Hill Street – three months.

It was noted that work on Tileston Street will be completed under Phase 3 due to unforeseen conditions. The temporary pavement may be around for sometime as it was also noted that permanent pavement will be put in place in about six months following pipe improvements.

Water & Sewer Work Contacts:

Director of Construction – Irene McSweeney 617 989 7447
Project Engineer – Chris Dzidek 617 989 7453
Hanover Ave Inspector – Mike Kenney 617 483 0150
Richmond Street Inspector – Rich Petrillo 617 828 5241
Project Manager – Derek Grossi 508 559 6400


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