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Sewer Work Closes North End Business District

After a major flooding incident on Tuesday, problems continued Wednesday with the ongoing Boston Water & Sewer project resulting in the closing of both Hanover and Salem Streets in the North End.

According to BWSC, the situation on Hanover Street was caused by a water main break that was still leaking on Wednesday. The brown and muddy color was from dirt under the pavement, not by the release of any sewage.

On Salem Street, a police detail closed the street on Wednesday at the same time Hanover Street was also blocked. The unannounced closings turned the main North End business district into gridlock with traffic snarls and ad-hoc detours. Several businesses closed during the disruption, not being able to receive deliveries and because some sidewalks were also closed.

Having started last Fall with the lining and replacement of the sewer system, BWSC said this is the first major incident they have run into with the project. Work was progressing on schedule until the harsh winter weather set in. Crews are expected to to be active on multiple streets throughout the Spring and Summer seasons.

I have asked BWSC to send advance updates, including which streets will be impacted, to be published here on Residents and business owners can contact BWSC with issues at 617-989-7000. More information and contact numbers can be found at this post and on the flyer below.