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Boston Officials Approve 88NOWA Hotel on North Washington Street

88 North Washington Street Hotel – Rendering from filing at Boston Planning and Development Agency

LIMAC Realty LLC’s plan to build a 64-key, 14-story hotel at 88 N. Washington St. in the North End was approved last week at the Boston Planning & Development Agency board meeting.

The proposed hotel project structure will be 128 feet tall, occupy 36,000 sq. feet and cost $16.5 million to develop. Community feedback resulted in a reduction of 16 feet of height with six fewer hotel rooms. Coined “88NOWA”, the hotel will have a first floor lobby, a second floor mezzanine, and 12 levels of guest rooms.

The developer will make a $36,000 contribution to the City of Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department to be used for the Parcel 2 park upon issuance of the building permit for the proposed project. Parcel 2 is the triangular plot of land across the street from the property where cars u-turn to get to the airport tunnel entrance.

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3 Replies to “Boston Officials Approve 88NOWA Hotel on North Washington Street

  1. Don’t you love developer speak?
    No mention of parking for guests. Apparently they will depend on taxis and Uber; more traffic for North Washington Street.
    A “second floor mezzanine” sounds like a perfect place for a sports bar.
    In a neighborhood that desperately needs affordable housing the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BRA) gives us another hotel. This is what passes for planning in today’s Boston.

  2. I guess traffic studies (or even less expensive, driving through the area at 8am or 5:30 pm during the week) don’t matter.

    Once again the city puts profits infront of residents… And $36,000? That’s all it takes? The cost of one employee (maybe)? I’m sure the multi millionaire developers could foot that annually, but instead the city rolls over again.

  3. Guys. This lot was dead space and an eyesore. Do you really think a small handful of hotel rooms is going to generate a ton more traffic? Come on. Let’s clean up the area and utilize open spaces properly. Those that don’t want this for the sake of things not changing need to be more thoughtful of the overall area and city. It can only help.

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